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Distinctive angles

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Today on a fencepost, I saw the beautiful angular art-deco prize of an angle Shades, Phlogophora meticulosa. Continue reading...
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Cruising with Gardeners' World

By Pippa Greenwood in Gardeners' musings
We had a good time, but in the same breath I have to say it's great being back - Matt Biggs and I have just returned from hosting the Gardeners' World magazine Gardening Cruise with 128 fellow gardeners. Continue reading...
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Death in mysterious circumstances

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I have cats. Every so often I have to live with the guilt that they kill the local wildlife. Continue reading...

More verbosity about Verbenas...

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
I wanted to add my voice to a theme that has already been breached on these pages by the blessed Adam and responded to by a number of you. Continue reading...

Loch Ness blackberries

By Adam Pasco in Grow & eat
At last something is going right in my kitchen garden! My blackberry crop is fantastic and to avoid a painful harvest I only grow thornless blackberries. Continue reading...

The painted lady

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
In the Horniman Museum Gardens earlier today and a brightly coloured butterfly caught my eye as it visited a low dandelion flower. Continue reading...

Rampant rust

By Pippa Greenwood in Grow & eat
This year rust hit my garlic so early that although there are a few respectably sized bulbs, most are half their usual size. Continue reading...

Garden festivals galore

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Gardeners' musings
This week I went to Ireland to visit the International Garden Festival on your behalf. Garden designers from all over the world have made fifteen conceptual gardens set amongst swaying oats in the grounds of a Georgian mansion called Emo Court in Co.Laois. Continue reading...

Knobbly acorns

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Walking back from the Horniman Museum last week took me past a large oak tree growing just inside a front garden...What caught my attention were all the broken knopper galls lying on the pavement. Continue reading...
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Eccentric gardeners: one

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Gardeners' musings
I thought it would be interesting to use this blog as an excuse to find out more about the many slightly eccentric people who have helped make gardening as popular and exciting as it is today... Continue reading...
1,151 to 1,160 of 1,182 blog posts