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Scraping the barrel

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
The time has probably come to say something a little contentious: there are some plants that are so dreadful that they should never have been invented. Continue reading...

A plumb job

By Adam Pasco in Grow & eat
What a disappointment! The plums looked lovely, as my picture shows, but they taste of nothing...Is it just me or are plums everywhere particularly tasteless this year? Continue reading...

Summer's here!

By Jane Moore in Allotments
This week it's looking like summer at last! I think we're all getting some sun and, boy, is it a welcome sight. Continue reading...

Tasty tomatoes

By Pippa Greenwood in Grow & eat
This is the time of year when I go tomato crazy. Suddenly I've gone from eating relatively few tomatoes to buying punnet loads from the shops. Continue reading...

In the pink

By Adam Pasco in Plants
Hydrangeas exhibit a chameleon-like characteristic, changing flower colour according to the type of soil they're growing in. Continue reading...

Leaf Miners

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Whilst out running in Peckham Rye Park earlier this week I noticed that the leaves of the horse chestnut trees are starting to show pale brown blotching all over. Continue reading...
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Birds and butterflies

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
When the swifts first returned on May 2nd there were only three or four of them. Last year we had a huge gang of about 15, wheeling in the sky and screaming down the street at top speed, just above the lamp-posts. Continue reading...

Carrot crisis

By Jane Moore in Grow & eat
This season I simply can't get carrots to germinate! I've sown and sown and sown - yes three times! And still I only get one or two carrots growing each time. Continue reading...

New arrivals

By Adam Pasco in Wildlife
We've had some new arrivals in our neighbourhood recently. The Rat Family arrived next door, taking up residence in their new development... Continue reading...

What's nibbling my Lilies?

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
We get lily beetles occasionally but when I bent down to pick up this red insect it turned out to be a striking black and red plant bug and not a beetle at all... Continue reading...
1,161 to 1,170 of 1,174 blog posts