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By Richard Jones in Plants
It was a bit of a hectic week last week, as gastric flu spread through my family. I tried to get out into the field on Monday and Tuesday to do a bit of survey work. Continue reading...

Succulent success

By Adam Pasco in Plants
I can't be the only one looking for foolproof plants to brighten the patio during summer, but it's always nice to try something a little different too. Continue reading...

Heavenly horticultural fleece

By Pippa Greenwood in Grow & eat
Thank heavens for fleece. I have yet to discover exactly what it is made from, and I suspect that it may not fit totally in to the 'environment friendly/recycled' preference that I have...but it is great stuff. Continue reading...

Plants by post

By Jane Moore in Allotments
I can't believe it's September already! There's even a hint of autumn in the air, the holly berries are starting to turn and there have been heavy dewfalls overnight as well. Continue reading...

Tigers and peacocks

By Adam Pasco in Plants
Gardeners' World Magazine is often the first port of call for people trying to identify an unknown plant, and every summer I can guarantee receiving at least one photo of a particular Mexican bulb that has left someone baffled. Continue reading...

Pussy galore

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Gardeners' musings
Like Richard I too own a cat of which I am quite fond - she is what my daughter calls "middle sized" in other words tending towards the tubby. She is very good at sleeping and dismembering mice on my office floor. Continue reading...

More mischief

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Our tomatoes have not done very well this year, a combination of slow start and inadequate watering whilst we were away on holiday. Continue reading...

Wheely quite interesting

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Gardeners' musings
In an idle moment this week (while sitting waiting for a temporary traffic light on the A5, if you really want to know) I found myself thinking about wheelbarrows. Continue reading...

Distinctive angles

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Today on a fencepost, I saw the beautiful angular art-deco prize of an angle Shades, Phlogophora meticulosa. Continue reading...
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Cruising with Gardeners' World

By Pippa Greenwood in Gardeners' musings
We had a good time, but in the same breath I have to say it's great being back - Matt Biggs and I have just returned from hosting the Gardeners' World magazine Gardening Cruise with 128 fellow gardeners. Continue reading...
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1,161 to 1,170 of 1,200 blog posts