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Carrot crisis

By Jane Moore in Grow & eat
This season I simply can't get carrots to germinate! I've sown and sown and sown - yes three times! And still I only get one or two carrots growing each time. Continue reading...

New arrivals

By Adam Pasco in Wildlife
We've had some new arrivals in our neighbourhood recently. The Rat Family arrived next door, taking up residence in their new development... Continue reading...

What's nibbling my Lilies?

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
We get lily beetles occasionally but when I bent down to pick up this red insect it turned out to be a striking black and red plant bug and not a beetle at all... Continue reading...

Reap what you sow

By Jane Moore in Allotments
I think I've talked Paul, my partner, into giving me a hand, with the old "as you sow, so shall you reap" reminder that if he wants a garage full of produce come the autumn, we'd better get it all in the ground now. Continue reading...

Lost crop of the Incas

By Adam Pasco in Grow & eat
At last my achocha have been planted... later than I wanted, but time has been against me and I didn't fancy getting soaked in a July deluge! (Call this global warming?). I love the way unusual crops, like achocha, always get visitors to my garden talking. Continue reading...

Cake day

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Gardeners' musings
I used to open my garden for the National Gardens Scheme. It was a great occasion that my children called 'Cake day'. They weren't even faintly interested in the garden but used to sit in my parents-in-law's garage...and eat their way through more cake than was strictly good for them. Continue reading...

Keeping up with the weather

By Pippa Greenwood in Plants
You never quite know what's going to be thrown at you when it comes to weather, but I made a firm decision to plant a plentiful supply of seriously drought-tolerant containers this year. The kids did a lot of the planting and got very enthusiastic about it, as usual. Continue reading...
1,191 to 1,197 of 1,197 blog posts