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Toad in the garden

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
The last few days we've had a toad wandering about near the back door. It ambled out from under the guinea-pig's carpet off-cut weather cover... Continue reading...

Foliage plants

By Adam Pasco in Plants
Although flowers usually steal the headlines, just think what your garden would look like without foliage. Continue reading...

My garden

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
Gardeners' World did a bit of filming in my garden last year [...] I thought it would be interesting to revisit the bit of planting I redid for their benefit to see how it is getting on a year or so later... Continue reading...

Growing apples on the allotment

By Jane Moore in Allotments
That's it - summer's over! There was a definite hint of autumn in the air this week - a certain crispness to the morning air, the dampness of dew underfoot and a freshening breeze. Continue reading...

Floral dispays in France

By Pippa Greenwood in Plants
The weather was fantastic. But it was the gardens and floral displays that put a smile on my family's faces. Continue reading...

Hummingbird hawkmoths and bumblebees

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Each afternoon... we were visited by hummingbird hawkmoths at the honeysuckle flowers. But it took me a few days to realize the bumblebees were different. Continue reading...

Moles and molehills

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Gardeners' musings
I don't believe it. I am incandescent with spluttering indignation. For the first time ever a molehill has appeared on my lawn. Continue reading...

Growing buddleja for butterflies

By Adam Pasco in Wildlife
I'm always looking to make my garden more appealing to wildlife, so I've been delighted by the number of peacock butterflies around this summer. Continue reading...

Allotment successes

By Jane Moore in Allotments
I've had some cracking crops this year, some are tried and tested varieties that I know are good and reliable, while some vegetable varieties are completely new to me. Continue reading...

Ants in the garden

By Pippa Greenwood in Gardeners' musings
I've employed a home-grown method to reducing the number of ants in my garden. As soon as I find an ants nest, I scoop up one of my hungry hens and position her in front of it. Continue reading...