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Plum trees

By Lila Das Gupta in Allotments
... the flavour and variety [of British plums] is superior to any from abroad, they freeze well, they're incredibly versatile and our consumption of them helps to support UK farmers. Continue reading...

Allotments: little and often

By Lila Das Gupta in Allotments
So why do some people fail at allotments while others succeed? The answer could have as much to do with genetic make-up as it does with horticultural aptitude... Continue reading...

Growing potatoes and broad beans

By Lila Das Gupta in Allotments
... I am just about to sow broad beans. This will be the first time I've grown them in the back garden, which I hope will mean I can keep on top of any blackly infestations ... Continue reading...

Quicker compost

By Lila Das Gupta in Allotments
[...] my husband put in a built-in bin for uncooked kitchen waste under the sink. The next breakthrough was the appearance of an old tin jug in the bathroom to catch the early morning wee. Continue reading...

Allotment vs garden

By Lila Das Gupta in Allotments
People with allotments always lament the fact that their gardens at home suffer terrible neglect - if only it were possible to serve two masters at once. Continue reading...

Autumn on the allotment

By Lila Das Gupta in Allotments
I usually enjoy those first couple of weeks in September after my holidays, when things are starting to get autumnal. Then all of a sudden, without rhyme or reason, I feel I've had enough... Continue reading...

Growing apples on the allotment

By Jane Moore in Allotments
That's it - summer's over! There was a definite hint of autumn in the air this week - a certain crispness to the morning air, the dampness of dew underfoot and a freshening breeze. Continue reading...

Allotment successes

By Jane Moore in Allotments
I've had some cracking crops this year, some are tried and tested varieties that I know are good and reliable, while some vegetable varieties are completely new to me. Continue reading...

Allotment hits and misses

By Jane Moore in Allotments
The plot is pretty much reaching its peak around now, and that always strikes me as a good time to take stock. Continue reading...

Harvesters and Grazers

By Jane Moore in Allotments
Allotmenteers fall into two camps, I've decided, after closely observing patterns of behaviour on our site... Continue reading...
21 to 30 of 91 blog posts