Potting on and on...

by Jane Moore

I potted on my peppers and tomatoes, as they kept drying out in no time, their root systems filling the tiny pots...

Potting onIt's been lovely to have some proper summer weather so early in the season. Everything seems to have started growing apace, both indoors and out. Weeds and wanted plants alike have been spurting upwards and outwards.

It's a job to know where to start. I potted on my peppers and tomatoes, as they kept drying out in no time, their root systems filling the tiny pots. They're now potted into 2 litre pots and should grow nicely. I only grow a few tomato plants on the allotment, as we seem to get quite a bit of blight. I always raise a couple of plants at home, as they're handy for harvesting, and there is less blight about than up on the allotments. I've grown 'Gardener's Delight' for the allotment and 'Marmande' and 'Tumbler' for home. Since Paul built me my rather glorious cold frame a couple of years ago, I've always done alright with chillies on the plot, although we've discovered that we don't eat that many chillies.

So this year I've got a few pepper plants going that are destined for the cold frame, including a classic F1 bell pepper called 'Ace' and some sweet cayennes, which look and taste great. I'm also trying a new variety of sweet pepper this year, which I bought almost purely on account of its name: Eve's Apple. I just hope it tastes as good as it sounds!

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Gardeners' World Web User 17/06/2009 at 15:17

I garden in France and every year I am plagued with Doryphores!They are called the Colorado Beetle in uk and notifiable. When I first arrived I asked my french neighbour what these orange and black things were and were they a problem.Maurice who is 86 and works an enormous plot,stamped on it and said,"no problem". Well they are and I'm not going to grow potatoes next year!

Gardeners' World Web User 18/06/2009 at 13:06

i'd like to know what is the final pot size a single tomato plant should be repotted into, without the need to repot again?

Gardeners' World Web User 18/06/2009 at 17:17

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Gardeners' World Web User 21/06/2009 at 10:17

Strawberry Pixie, 9" pots for tomatoes.

Gardeners' World Web User 21/06/2009 at 14:39

I am pleased with the weather too.

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