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Moths and bats

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
... it was no surprise to see the large dark outline of what was probably an old lady flapping past. What was a surprise was the sudden swoop of an animated black handkerchief... Continue reading...


By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Frogs always cause a hullabaloo in our garden and this one was soon surrounded by curious children, wondering where it had come from, and what they were to do about it. Continue reading...

Building a pond

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I've been building, not so much a garden pond, as a playground pond. And the first problem with playgrounds is that they are all-over tarmac. Continue reading...

National Insect Week

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
It's National Insect Week, so I'm obliged to mention insects at every opportunity. Organised by the Royal Entomological Society, its aim is to promote the study of insects... Continue reading...

Urban foxes

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I think we have foxes living under our garden shed. I first noticed the scratching in the soil a week or so ago. It didn’t look like very much excavation had occured... Continue reading...

The greater bulb fly

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
In the bright heat of this week's baking sunlight, a buzz of black and orange fur announces the arrival of what I think is one our cuddliest hoverflies. Continue reading...

Squirrels and skulls

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Along with the fox skulls nailed to the shed and the flag pole, and a horned sheep skull on the guinea-pig hutch, we have a horse skull just outside the back door. And very decorative it looks too. Continue reading...

Speckled wood butterflies

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
28 April 2010 at 11:45
My 2010 garden tally of butterfly species is now up to six. We've had single visits from large white, comma, peacock and small tortoiseshell... Continue reading...

Butterflies in the garden

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
[...] we're here for the fine sea views, the quiet solitude, and the warm weather. And that weather has already brought forth its first worshippers. Continue reading...

'Grow Your Own' Week: Garden birds

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I just know [the allotment] will be a sea of weeds if we're not careful, and then we'll get a ticking off from the association secretary. We need all the help we can get at the moment. Cue: a wren. Continue reading...