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Toad in the garden

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
The last few days we've had a toad wandering about near the back door. It ambled out from under the guinea-pig's carpet off-cut weather cover... Continue reading...

Hummingbird hawkmoths and bumblebees

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Each afternoon... we were visited by hummingbird hawkmoths at the honeysuckle flowers. But it took me a few days to realize the bumblebees were different. Continue reading...

Japanese knotweed

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
When we moved into our previous house, in Nunhead, there was some small, but well-established growth of Japanese knotweed in the back garden. Continue reading...

An orgy of ants

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
The nuptial flight of ants is one of those phenomena that, if you are inside it, is really very spectacular. Continue reading...

Jersey Tiger moths

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
It's eagerness to fly is probably linked to the fact that it is unlikely to be eaten by predators - its bright colours are a warning of poisonous and distasteful chemicals inside its body... Continue reading...

Tree halos

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
A short while ago I was driving past Peckham Rye, when my eye was caught by a series of white halos on the grass under some of the trees... Continue reading...

The great strapping fellow

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Since having to wear reading glasses [...] I do that 'double take' thing of having to square my face to something then back off a few inches to get it into focus... Continue reading...

Pyramidal orchids

By Richard Jones in Plants
I've commented before that I don't think 'wildlife' should refer to animals only. It should also include plants, even though most wild plants are referred to as weeds... Continue reading...
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Asparagus beetles

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
To my mind, the asparagus beetle, Crioceris asparagi, is one of our most beautiful insects. Continue reading...

The birch sawfly

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
[The children] were amazed when I told them that instead of a moth, the larva would turn into a sawfly the size of a hornet... Continue reading...