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The great strapping fellow

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Since having to wear reading glasses [...] I do that 'double take' thing of having to square my face to something then back off a few inches to get it into focus... Continue reading...

Pyramidal orchids

By Richard Jones in Plants
I've commented before that I don't think 'wildlife' should refer to animals only. It should also include plants, even though most wild plants are referred to as weeds... Continue reading...
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Asparagus beetles

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
To my mind, the asparagus beetle, Crioceris asparagi, is one of our most beautiful insects. Continue reading...

The birch sawfly

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
[The children] were amazed when I told them that instead of a moth, the larva would turn into a sawfly the size of a hornet... Continue reading...

Snakes in the grass

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I've dredged up from the back of my mind a statistic - something like 1 in 25 UK gardens with a pond will have a grass snake in it. Continue reading...

Grey squirrels

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I'm not overly fond of grey squirrels. Compared to the reds, which the greys have replaced, they are great lumbering brutes. Continue reading...

Bees at Gardeners' World Live

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Ordinarily, I expect the NEC at Birmingham is one of the most sterile places on the planet. [...] But for one week of the year it is transformed... Continue reading...

Stag beetles

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Just over a week ago I was outside one evening singing 'Happy Birthday' to my mum down the phone. Half way through I was interrupted by a huge male stag beetle flying low over the garden... Continue reading...

Bumblebees in the compost bin

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
We have a bumblebee nest in our compost bin. I first noticed them a month ago when the first few workers started coming and going. Continue reading...

First damselfly of the season

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Visiting an old friend in West Dulwich last week I saw the first damselfly of the season. Continue reading...