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Birds in winter

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
It's no surprise that Britain's smallest bird should suffer in the cold. It's all to do with body mass and surface area ratios. Continue reading...

The grey squirrel

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Sitting in the crook of the large, rather gangly, elder tree in a neighbour's garden, the squirrel was staring into space, bleating out its miieeeoorrrl, call over and over again. I've never heard this noise before. Continue reading...

Ghosts of christmas past

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I've been reminiscing. Putting together a slide show for some school children I came across a batch of photos I'd taken this time 17 years ago. Continue reading...
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By Richard Jones in Wildlife
17 December 2008 at 09:04
I love the way woodpigeons strut their plump bodies about on the lawn, peering intently into the wet grass as if looking for something they lost earlier. Continue reading...

RSPB Homes for Wildlife

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
My father, from whom I get my interest in wildlife, often bemoans the fact that there is nothing left in the countryside these days... Continue reading...

Insects on roses

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
It rained on Sunday, so what better way to spend it than planting roses? Continue reading...

In praise of woodlice

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I'm always slightly perplexed when I hear someone talking about woodlice as if they were garden pests. My garden is full of the critters, but I've never even had need to raise my voice at them. Continue reading...


By Richard Jones in Wildlife
A bit of garden clearance in the rain is always therapeutic. Working off a good lunch and feeling the drip of water down my neck, I feel my endeavours are all the more noble. Continue reading...

Feeding the birds

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
On the weekend of 25/26 October, the RSPB held a Feed the Birds Day with various events up and down the country. Continue reading...

Insects in late-autumn

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Although autumn hangs heavier in the air with each day, it only takes a brief break in the clouds to bring shy wildlife back out into the open. Continue reading...