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The best crops for flavour

By Adam Pasco in Grow & eat
28 March 2013 at 17:06
Growing your own brings a host of benefits, like better freshness and saving money. Continue reading...

Newts and wildlife ponds

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
26 March 2013 at 15:22
Three weeks ago I excitedly tweeted a photo of this year’s first newt. Despite the reflections of sky, me and my phone, she is quite clearly visible in the pondweed. Continue reading...
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Wintery weather

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Gardeners' musings
25 March 2013 at 12:44
If I had a shiny new pound for every person who has said to me, “Remember last year? We were all swanning around in shorts in March” I would be well on my way towards buying myself a very handsome dinner. Continue reading...

Growing auriculas

By Kate Bradbury in Plants
22 March 2013 at 11:38
As a rule, I only grow plants that will benefit bees, moths and other pollinators. I do relax this rule, though, by growing auriculas. Continue reading...

Holes in leaves

By Pippa Greenwood in Gardeners' musings
20 March 2013 at 11:28
My garden is full of holes. All of a sudden many plants look like they are being attacked by mystery pests. Continue reading...

Plant diseases and busy Lizzies

By Adam Pasco in Plants
18 March 2013 at 14:29
Every so often in gardening, something happens that is a real game changer. I’ve seen some devastating tree diseases in my lifetime. Continue reading...

House sparrows

By Kate Bradbury in Wildlife
15 March 2013 at 14:32
A road near where I live is inhabited by a large colony of house sparrows, and a colony of swifts also breed there. Continue reading...

Bumblebees and climate change

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
13 March 2013 at 13:04
Sapphire Class at Ivydale Primary School are now experts on bumblebees. We did a workshop on climate change so I took in a tray of bumblebee specimens. Continue reading...
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Wildlife ponds and growling frogs

By Kate Bradbury in Wildlife
11 March 2013 at 16:24
“I heard some growling from the shallow pond”, said the text message, from my mother. Continue reading...

Building a garden fence

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Gardeners' musings
11 March 2013 at 15:49
There is something very satisfying about a sturdy, well-built fence. Continue reading...
1 to 10 of 13 blog posts