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The joy of January

By Pippa Greenwood in Gardeners' musings
I’m definitely a long summer days, high light levels, sun-worshipping sort of person. However, there is one advantage to this time of year. Continue reading...
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New year gardening resolutions

By Adam Pasco in Gardeners' musings
06 January 2014 at 15:01
I'm not one to make unrealistic new year's resolutions, but I do have plans for the year ahead that I hope come to fruition. Continue reading...

Growing mistletoe

By Kate Bradbury in Plants
03 January 2014 at 07:04
I adore mistletoe, and would love to one day harvest my own, for ‘welcoming’ guests at Christmas. Continue reading...

Brimstone butterflies

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
01 January 2014 at 07:11
Happy new year. Or, from a more biological point of view, Happy random arbitrary date somewhere near the middle of winter. Continue reading...
11 to 14 of 14 blog posts