Gardening blogs of the world

by James Alexander-Sinclair

There are a lot of gardening blogs out there, so I thought it would be interesting to take you on a short tour of some that might be of interest.

James Alexander-SinclairThere are a lot of gardening blogs out there, so I thought it would be interesting to take you on a short tour of some that might be of interest. One of the advantages of the internet is that anybody, anywhere can create a blog about anything.

Unsurprisingly, there are blogs covering every aspect of gardening, from seedlings and compost to design and garden history. These are not just British, but encompass the gardening lives of people all over the world. Many happy hours can be spent jumping from one blog to another, as they all have links that take you to yet another strand.

One of the most prolific blogs is Vegplotting - the adventures of a very keen gardener and allotmenteer in Chippenham, Wiltshire. For even more hardcore vegetable growing try the oddly named Fluffius Muppetus.

Typing on the Void documents everyday life as a gardener (sorry, head propagator) at Lytes Cary, a National Trust property in Somerset.

The Inelegant Gardener mixes stories about her garden with fascinating stuff about insects, vegetables and wildlife.

You Grow Girl is Canadian, has been going since 2000, and covers pretty much everything.

For some reason Austin, Texas seems to teem with garden bloggers - there are at least thirty of them. For a taste of gardening where the summer temperatures reach gas mark two, a good place to start would be Zanthan Gardens.

If you want to know what it is like gardening in the hard climate of Australia, then try Hills and Plains Seedsavers.

If you're married to a very keen gardener and are looking for a refuge in which to shelter from the drudgery of indentured labour, then there are some fabulous examples on Shedworking.

For light relief, humour, stories and books you cannot do better than the Garden Monkey. He/she is the scarlet pimpernel of bloggers, knowing everything and commenting incisively - but nobody knows the identity of the scandalous simian.

There are even the blogs of the faintly notorious like Cleve West or, indeed, my other blog which is called Blogging From Blackpitts Garden.

That's more than enough for now, but if you're still hungry try blotanical, which is a directory where you can find hundreds more.

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Gardeners' World Web User 15/07/2008 at 13:59

Some great blogs mentioned there, it's always nice to find new ones!

Here are some I read that you've not mentioned:

Gardeners' World Web User 17/07/2008 at 15:11

Oh gosh! I only wandered over to Gardeners World coz it's better than doing the budgets and what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much x Yours inelegantly, HM

Gardeners' World Web User 19/07/2008 at 00:05

I actually like the blogs that are more homey and down to earth. I don't like those that look like a professional gardener wrote it. I can buy their books or go to the web site. I like personal stories interwoven with the garden info. I like to read about failures and joys of gardening. I like yards that look like a normal person lives there and not someone who can afford five gardeners and their yard men.

Gardeners' World Web User 19/07/2008 at 22:12

Somebody told me that The Garden Monkey was actually Joe Swift.

Gardeners' World Web User 21/07/2008 at 18:59

No - Joe Swift is the Homer Monkey

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