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A new polytunnel

Posted: Wednesday 28 May 2014
by Pippa Greenwood

I've splashed out on a mini polytunnel. How it will last on my windswept hillside I don’t know, but it has solved my problem of lack of space – for now.

Pippa Greenwood greenhouse

I’ve never particularly yearned after a bigger car than the one I have, or a bigger house, and I'm certainly not wishing for a bigger quantity of shoes or, worse still, handbags (I only have one handbag and it strongly resembles a holdall). But a bigger greenhouse? Yes, yes and yes again. I really love the one I have – I positively adore it – but there is no doubt that I need more space.

Early in the year there are trays of chitting potatoes (I fear I may be verging on obsessive when it comes to seed potatoes), trays of seeds and seedlings, pots of seedlings and, of course, propagators. You might imagine that once these up-and-coming garden residents have been planted out there would be room to manoeuvre. No such luck.

As the season progresses, it gets worse. I'm almost incapable of throwing out (or composting) any ‘leftover’ plants. I just can’t do it. I’ll happily give them away to friends, family, or even friends of friends who I believe will cherish them… but still there are too many.

I came back home proudly brandishing 30 bamboo canes yesterday. My son was not at all impressed. 'Why didn’t you get more than that?' he asked. I put it down to mid-GCSE grumpiness, but then he reminded me that I've also just planted up an entire mini polytunnel of tomatoes.

Yes, I've splashed out and have a mini polytunnel. How it will last on my windswept hillside I don’t know, but it has solved the problem for now… almost. I now have a greenhouse full of peppers, chilli plants and tomatoes, a barrel-greenhouse with peppers in it and a polytunnel. Spoilt? Definitely. Happy? Definitely! Problem of lack of space solved? No chance. I still have more plants and nowhere to put them… And before you ask, yes, I also have all of these delicious crops outside too.

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Fraxinus 10/06/2014 at 16:06

Hi Pippa,
I'v just become a member and yours is the first blog I'v read, best of luck with your tunnel, I got my 'bigger' one that I just 'could not' live with out about a year ago and I still grin like the cat that got the cream every morning when I take the first walk of inspecttion, I hope you'r as happy with yours as I'm sure you will be!