Greenhouse cleaning

by Pippa Greenwood

I've been spring cleaning. The greenhouse, of course, not the house. Somehow the lure of the compost and seed trays was much greater than that of the vacuum cleaner and duster.

Gardener moving seed trays and pots, during a greenhouse tidying session.I've been spring cleaning. The greenhouse, of course, not the house. Somehow the lure of the compost and seed trays was much greater than that of the vacuum cleaner and duster.

Our heavy clay soil has been sodden and unworkable, so the greenhouse was the natural place to be. Packed full of ideas for what to grow this year, and armed with packets of seed, I was determined to get some seed sowing done. But before the fun bit, I had to stop prevaricating and clear out the greenhouse.

It's well worth cleaning the greenhouse glazing in winter, inside and out. Not only will it look better, but, most importantly, more light will reach the seedlings and plants inside. At this time of year natural light levels tend to be fairly low, and days are still pretty short, so a boost in light levels helps to prevent seedlings from becoming 'leggy'.

Wetting the glass 20 minutes before washing really helps to loosen dried-on algae, but I try to avoid window cleaning agents and soap etc, just in case they cause any contamination.

Now the cleaning is done, I'm pleased to say that the greenhouse is now coming in to its own as seedlings pop up in pots, trays and root trainers and even my ginger lily looks as if it may be about to produce some new growth.

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Gardeners' World Web User 28/01/2010 at 23:33

i cleaned my greenhouse last sunday and i felt absolutely ecstatic. it sparkled and shined and smelled heavenly after a good blitz with jeyes fluid and a good rinse with clean water. my great big high soon turned into a great big low when my family grumbled at me "wheres the dinner then"? wwhoooops, i forgot about the time, everything and everyone,so i had to bribe them with a take-a-way and the sunday dinner became monday tea. my passion for the garden doesnt seem to appeal to my familys hungry tummys at this time of year.

Gardeners' World Web User 30/01/2010 at 16:31

I cant agree more with your correspondents, I can toil away all day in the garden and greenhouse, never feeling hungry!However, the rest of the family will insist on wanting food! If anyone wants to lose weight - just get addicted to gardening!!

Gardeners' World Web User 31/01/2010 at 19:53

l've yet to have a go in my mini greenhouse but l've promised myself tomorrow is the day, the outer covering is only platic but it's heavey duty so it should not take too long. l'd rather be out in the garden too!

Gardeners' World Web User 02/02/2010 at 14:00 they say, 'Great minds think alike', glad you're all as easily persuaded by the lure of algae-encrusted glass and compost, it has GOT to be the way forward...after all it does all end up contributing to the meals for those omni-present rumbling tums!!

Gardeners' World Web User 04/02/2010 at 19:22

l have done my mini greenhouuse out plus washed everything in sight, had a great time. l'm going to have a go at growing potatoes in one of those plastic bags you can get for the job, let you know how l get on.

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