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Growing zinnias

By Adam Pasco in Plants
Why is it that you rarely see zinnias in summer bedding displays? Do they give the impression of being an old-fashioned flower? Continue reading...

Verbena bonariensis

By Adam Pasco in Plants
Will our love affair with Verbena bonariensis ever wane? This fabulous flower looks as good growing individually among low border plants as it does planted en masse. Continue reading...

Trees for small gardens 2

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
The other day there was a tweet from Gardeners' World regarding a post I wrote on this blog a couple of years ago, about my top five trees for small gardens. Continue reading...

Saving foxglove seeds

By Kate Bradbury in Plants
Last spring I found a foxglove seedling in a pot, which had presumably self-seeded from a neighbour's garden. Excited, I potted it on and nurtured it in anticipation of seeing it flower this year. Continue reading...

The ladybird poppy

By Kate Bradbury in Plants
I love the way plants hold associations with places and key events in your life. Some ... I grow in my garden as a fond reminder of the childhood associations I have with them... Continue reading...

The mock orange

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
Although the planting in my garden is predominantly herbaceous, I will always have room for the begetter of that fabulous scent: the philadelphus, or mock orange. Continue reading...

Plant supports

By Adam Pasco in Plants
In the past two-three weeks my perennial plants have soared upwards, and being preoccupied with other parts of the garden I took my eye off the ball. Continue reading...

Growing alliums

By Pippa Greenwood in Plants
I couldn't get through the winter without snowdrops, and the prospect of daffodils, heralding spring. But right now, in May, alliums are centre stage. Continue reading...

Growing wisteria in a pot

By Adam Pasco in Plants
I've been training my wisteria as a standard plant in a large terracotta pot. It was a bit of an experiment really, as I bought a wisteria but then couldn't find the right home for it. Continue reading...

Small trees as hedging plants

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
[...] It is an example of a 'husband and wife tree'. This is quite a well-documented phenomenon, which can occur when trees are planted very close together, and grow up entwined. Continue reading...