Foliage plants

By Adam Pasco in Plants
Although flowers usually steal the headlines, just think what your garden would look like without foliage. Continue reading...

My garden

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
Gardeners' World did a bit of filming in my garden last year [...] I thought it would be interesting to revisit the bit of planting I redid for their benefit to see how it is getting on a year or so later... Continue reading...

Floral dispays in France

By Pippa Greenwood in Plants
The weather was fantastic. But it was the gardens and floral displays that put a smile on my family's faces. Continue reading...

Pollen beetles and sweet peas

By Pippa Greenwood in Plants
Although pollen beetles are no great pest, they can nibble the edges of unopened flowers. I've seen a few of them about, but for the first time, I've not had to shake bunches of sweet peas to remove whole families... Continue reading...

The world's favourite rose

By Adam Pasco in Plants
How could anyone choose the world's favourite rose? Well, they have! And the winner is one of my all-time favourites... Continue reading...

Big plants

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
I love big plants. Not big pants. Plants. [...] herbaceous plants that go from nothing to gigantic in the space of a few weeks. Continue reading...

Tender succulents

By Adam Pasco in Plants
Although it's been a mixed summer weather-wise, I've still given my collection of succulent plants a 'holiday' outside... Continue reading...

Apricot trees

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
...[apricots] are the most divine fruit. Either straight off the tree slightly fuzzy, warmed by the sun, or in jams and pies. Continue reading...

Night-scented plants

By Pippa Greenwood in Plants
A perfume-filled balmy evening in the garden is heaven on earth... who can help but feel a wash of pleasure when experiencing all that a rose-clad arbour has to offer? Continue reading...

Pyramidal orchids

By Richard Jones in Plants
I've commented before that I don't think 'wildlife' should refer to animals only. It should also include plants, even though most wild plants are referred to as weeds... Continue reading...
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