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Countdown to the Chelsea Flower Show

By Jekka McVicar in Plants
It is a mere 16 weeks before we are on site, and 12 weeks before the gardens are built at the Chelsea Flower Show. Continue reading...

Oriental hellebore

By Adam Pasco in Plants
It's worth getting out into the garden even when the weather is so cold...there's a plant doing its own thing while everything around it is dull and dormant - the hellebore. Continue reading...

Moth orchid

By Adam Pasco in Plants
I'm in love with the moth orchid. Not obsessed, no butterflies in the stomach, you understand. It's just that orchids are... perfect. Continue reading...

New year welcome

By Adam Pasco in Plants
What a wonderful welcome to the new year to discover these beautiful seed pods on my Iris foetidissima. They really are a winter bonus, their bright shining seeds last for weeks. Continue reading...

Dogwood and willow

By Pippa Greenwood in Plants
I sometimes wonder if I have worrying tendencies towards pyromania. I love bonfires, adore fireworks and find nothing more soothing than a log fire... Continue reading...
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Shrubs for patio pots

By Adam Pasco in Plants
I'm always looking for plants that make an impact - things that will grab the attention and put on a good show. Continue reading...

Cold topic

By Pippa Greenwood in Plants
There are some things always guaranteed to bring about a heated discussion. At one end of the spectrum are religion, the education system and global warming. Continue reading...

Glory be!

By Adam Pasco in Plants
They were a long time coming, but my Glory Lily has finally started flowering. It was my fault really, as I should have planted the tubers earlier in the year. Continue reading...

...and so to bed

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Plants
There is a tendency among some gardeners to look down their noses at bedding. I admit that I used to share their prejudices. Continue reading...


By Richard Jones in Plants
It was a bit of a hectic week last week, as gastric flu spread through my family. I tried to get out into the field on Monday and Tuesday to do a bit of survey work. Continue reading...
251 to 260 of 266 blog posts