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Weeds - dandelions

By Pippa Greenwood in Unassigned
Why is it that dandelions are regarded as weeds? They're amazingly beautiful, have a strong and reliable flower colour, they're hardy, vigorous plants and they're even edible. Continue reading...

Insects on compost heaps

By Richard Jones in Unassigned
My two compost bins are being very productive. As well as yielding their first crop of usable compost... they are also home to a heaving mass of wildlife. Continue reading...


By James Alexander-Sinclair in Unassigned
I can't really let May pass without mentioning the hawthorn (aka Crataegus monogyna). It is after all the May tree. Continue reading...

Monty Don and Gardeners' World

By Adam Pasco in Unassigned
It was a great shock to get a call from Monty on Thursday telling me he'd taken the incredibly hard decision to stand down as the main presenter of the programme. Continue reading...

Potatoes, broccoli and bumblebees

By Jane Moore in Unassigned
The purple-sprouting broccoli is providing a lovely source of nectar for all the bumblebees in the area. Continue reading...

Daffodils in May

By Pippa Greenwood in Unassigned
This week at the Chelsea Flower Show there are thousands of gardeners admiring out of season daffodil blooms in the show gardens and floral exhibits. Continue reading...

Chelsea Flower Show: judgement day

By Jekka McVicar in Unassigned
We finally made it to the Chelsea Flower Show. Everything has arrived and looks fantastic. However it's been a fraught few days and I'm still very nervous. Continue reading...

Chelsea Flower Show week

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Unassigned
This week is the Chelsea Flower Show 2008 and by the time you read this the medals will have been awarded. All over the showground will be the scattered remnants of exhausted gardeners and nurserymen. Continue reading...
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By Adam Pasco in Unassigned
If I followed the adage that every plant in my garden had to earn its place then I'm not convinced peonies are worth growing. Continue reading...

Delivering plants to Chelsea

By Jekka McVicar in Unassigned
Wendy has spent the past few days tidying the plants and loading them onto trolleys for the Chelsea show gardens that we're supplying. Continue reading...
91 to 100 of 223 blog posts