Weeds and weather

By Jane Moore in Unassigned
The weather has been remarkable lately. A fortnight ago we had frosts and chilly winds, then suddenly we had sunshine, showers and the odd thunderstorm. Continue reading...

Growing apple trees

By Pippa Greenwood in Unassigned
The scruffy, peculiar-looking apple tree is under discussion again, with only one of us voting for the chainsaw option. Continue reading...

Weeds and wildlife

By Richard Jones in Unassigned
Here's a thing. If a wild animal comes into a garden, it's wildlife. If a wild plant comes in, it's a weed. Now that seems just a bit unfair on our native flora. Continue reading...

Hedges and topiary

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Unassigned
I've had another thought about small trees. For a more formal look you should consider the classic topiary trees - a short list would include yews, box, beech, limes and holm oaks. Continue reading...

Growing trees in pots

By Adam Pasco in Unassigned
Who can possibly have space in a small, modern garden for a tree, let alone two? Well, I think everyone has, provided they choose the right ones. Continue reading...

Final preparations for Chelsea

By Jekka McVicar in Unassigned
The final build up to the Chelsea Flower Show has started. It's become something of a tradition to open the herb farm to the public the weekend before Chelsea. Continue reading...
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Flowering rhubarb

By Pippa Greenwood in Unassigned
I'm rather fond of rhubarb, preferably under a thick blanket of butter crumble or stewed with a dollop of organic vanilla ice-cream. Continue reading...

Bluebells, tulips and the Malvern Show

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Unassigned
The whole world seems to be teeming with life at the moment: the birdsong is delightful, the snails are on the march and the plants are growing at phenomenal speed. Continue reading...

Plants for shade

By Adam Pasco in Unassigned
Shade is probably one of the most challenging situations for plants to flourish in. Whether it's buildings, walls, fences, shrubs or trees, on the south side your plants bask in full sun but on the north side they'll be in cooler shade. Continue reading...

Nasturtium and thyme

By Jekka McVicar in Unassigned
It's now May, and we're just 12 days away from building our display at the Chelsea Flower Show. We've had a few bouts of sunshine in the last week, during which I could literally feel the plants growing. Continue reading...