Marigolds and French tarragon

By Jekka McVicar in Unassigned
With 23 days to go until we build our display at the Chelsea Flower Show, the first buds of pot marigolds, Calendula officinalis, are showing. Their timing couldn't have been more perfect. Continue reading...

Wood chip paths

By Jane Moore in Unassigned
I'm rather proud of the plot at the moment. It's weeded, fed, mulched and manured, the potatoes are in and the beds are ready. Best of all, I've just top dressed my paths with lovely wood chips. Continue reading...

Making cress- and grass-heads

By Pippa Greenwood in Unassigned
When the weather is too vile to spend time outside, it's time to get creative. And a wet weekend is perfect for making some seriously funky grass- and cress-heads with the children. Continue reading...

Godshill Model Village

By Richard Jones in Unassigned
We've been going to the Isle of Wight for several years now and it's a great place for the kids. It's also a great place for gardens and one of all our favourites is at the Godshill Model Village. Continue reading...

Hostas, slugs and snails

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Unassigned
A client of mine said something curious to me this week, as we were discussing what to plant in her garden: "I hope you're not going to give me any of those ghastly cabbagey things". Continue reading...

Sowing seeds - chillies and sweet peppers

By Adam Pasco in Unassigned
Despite temperatures in my greenhouse dropping to zero at night but soaring by day, I've just got to get on with more seed sowing. Chillies and sweet peppers are top of my list. Continue reading...

Primula, lavender, aphids and slugs

By Jekka McVicar in Unassigned
This year and last the cowslips have gone into full flower in early April. There are a few buds left, but those won't hold for a further five weeks, so these herbs will definitely miss Chelsea. Continue reading...

Growing broad beans

By Jane Moore in Unassigned
I can cope with this cold weather ... but my poor little broad bean plants have only just gone in the ground and look a bit horrified. Continue reading...

Sowing hardy annual seeds

By Pippa Greenwood in Unassigned
I'm like a kid in a sweet shop when let loose in a garden centre. Packets of seed are extraordinarily inexpensive when you consider what has gone in to producing them, and I always buy too many. Continue reading...

Composting cardboard

By Adam Pasco in Unassigned
... newspaper can be composted, and so can plain cardboard including corrugated boxes, tubes from toilet and kitchen paper rolls as well as egg boxes. Continue reading...