Squirrels and skulls

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
12 May 2010 at 09:03
Along with the fox skulls nailed to the shed and the flag pole, and a horned sheep skull on the guinea-pig hutch, we have a horse skull just outside the back door. And very decorative it looks too. Continue reading...

Speckled wood butterflies

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
28 April 2010 at 11:45
My 2010 garden tally of butterfly species is now up to six. We've had single visits from large white, comma, peacock and small tortoiseshell... Continue reading...

Oak processionary moth

By Pippa Greenwood in Wildlife
The caterpillars of the oak processionary moth are a real pest, but I couldn't contemplate killing them. Continue reading...

Butterflies in the garden

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
[...] we're here for the fine sea views, the quiet solitude, and the warm weather. And that weather has already brought forth its first worshippers. Continue reading...

Draining ponds

By Kate Bradbury in Wildlife
[...] why would you drain a pond in spring? Isn't spring the most crucial time of year for wildlife? Continue reading...

'Grow Your Own' Week: Garden birds

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I just know [the allotment] will be a sea of weeds if we're not careful, and then we'll get a ticking off from the association secretary. We need all the help we can get at the moment. Cue: a wren. Continue reading...

Signs of spring

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I've just been wandering about the garden in my shirtsleeves, feeling the real warmth of the sun catch me, and it seems that all the wildlife has just been queuing up ready for this sunshine. Continue reading...

Garden birds and their predators

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
[...] when a Siamese cat strutted along the back wall we contemplated the Mammal Society's and RSPB's calculations that cats kill some 55 million birds each year in the UK. Continue reading...

Rare ladybirds

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
[...] you can find fascinating wildlife anywhere, even the smallest garden. All you have to do is watch and wait, and something will come along. Continue reading...

Hoverfly puparia

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
The snow has gone completely now, and I take these latent packages as a good sign that spring is coming. Continue reading...