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Hibernating insects

By Pippa Greenwood in Wildlife
I felt like the man on the moon looking down on earth and witnessing a catastrophe. Continue reading...

Bug boxes

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I've always been rather sceptical about the benefits of bug boxes, ladybird and lacewing hotels... Continue reading...

Big Garden Birdwatch 2009

By Adam Pasco in Wildlife
When it's cold outside, and none of the family offer to join me in the garden for a spot of tidying up, it's nice having the company of some feathered friends instead. Continue reading...

Fox trot

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
For most of us, foxes are probably the most impressive wildlife we ever see in our gardens. Continue reading...

Worms: It's warmer down below

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I dug a hole in the garden on Sunday, not for any gardening purpose; the hamster had died and we were having a short funeral ceremony. Continue reading...

Birds in winter

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
It's no surprise that Britain's smallest bird should suffer in the cold. It's all to do with body mass and surface area ratios. Continue reading...

The grey squirrel

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Sitting in the crook of the large, rather gangly, elder tree in a neighbour's garden, the squirrel was staring into space, bleating out its miieeeoorrrl, call over and over again. I've never heard this noise before. Continue reading...

Muntjac deer

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Wildlife
Yesterday I was wandering back from the compost heap minding my own business when there was rustling in the undergrowth and out shot ... a muntjac. Harrumph. Continue reading...

Ghosts of christmas past

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I've been reminiscing. Putting together a slide show for some school children I came across a batch of photos I'd taken this time 17 years ago. Continue reading...
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Feeding the birds

By Pippa Greenwood in Wildlife
Are we subjecting our beautiful birds to deficiencies and lower immunity to disease...? Continue reading...
301 to 310 of 362 blog posts