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Roses and their pests

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
We have a rambler rose just outside the back door, 'Félicité et Perpétue'. It's a tough old brute. So I have no worries at all that it is being attacked by a battalion of major garden pests. Continue reading...

Bird baths

By Adam Pasco in Wildlife
Throwing out some bread and topping up seed and peanut feeders is one thing, but birds also need a constant supply of fresh water. Continue reading...

Magpies and mice

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
At 11 o'clock in the morning, breakfast/lunch was interrupted by the announcement from nearly-three-year-old: "Look, there's a magpie". Continue reading...

Harlequin ladybird

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
The inaugural meeting of the Ivydale Primary School Natural History Club had its first show-and-tell session on Wednesday. The first ladybird of the year had made an appearance. Continue reading...

Fish out of water

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
On Saturday... my older daughter looked down from her bowl of coco-pops and rice-crispies and exclaimed that there was a fish on the floor. Continue reading...

Free range chickens

By James Alexander-Sinclair in Wildlife
If you have been struck by the sad plight of the battery hen recently then remember one important fact: chickens are rubbish gardeners. Continue reading...


By Richard Jones in Wildlife
It boggles my mind to consider how many millions of tonnes of horticultural material must be shipped around the globe each year. And with the plants and soil come the insects. Continue reading...
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Dung beetles

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
There is something quite magical about feeling the massive strength of a giant Geotrupes dor-beetle push its way through gently clasped fingers... Continue reading...
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My garden pond

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
On Friday I drained the pond. Or rather I bailed hundreds of gallons of smelly, gloopy water using whatever came to hand - plastic planters, a broken watering can and the rabbit's litter tray. Continue reading...

Fruit flies

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
What's the point of having a compost heap unless it's to breed fruit flies. That's the way my entomologist's mind works. During the summer great clouds of them billowed up every time I dumped the kitchen waste. Continue reading...
331 to 340 of 362 blog posts