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More on cats

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Following my find of a dead swift in the flower bed, there have been a lot of blog comments on cats, and how welcome or unwelcome they are in the garden. Continue reading...

More spiders

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
03 October 2007 at 10:57
Moving some bricks around the shed yesterday revealed one of my favourite spiders. There is no mistaking the 'woodlouse' spider, Dysdera crocata. Continue reading...

Careful demolition

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
The orb webs of the garden spider, Araneus diadematus are much in evidence as the nights get cooler, especially in the morning when their dew- or rain-covered tracery is revealed all over the bushes. Continue reading...
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More mischief

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Our tomatoes have not done very well this year, a combination of slow start and inadequate watering whilst we were away on holiday. Continue reading...

Distinctive angles

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Today on a fencepost, I saw the beautiful angular art-deco prize of an angle Shades, Phlogophora meticulosa. Continue reading...
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Death in mysterious circumstances

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
I have cats. Every so often I have to live with the guilt that they kill the local wildlife. Continue reading...

The painted lady

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
In the Horniman Museum Gardens earlier today and a brightly coloured butterfly caught my eye as it visited a low dandelion flower. Continue reading...

Knobbly acorns

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
Walking back from the Horniman Museum last week took me past a large oak tree growing just inside a front garden...What caught my attention were all the broken knopper galls lying on the pavement. Continue reading...
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Seeing green

By Richard Jones in Wildlife
It's two years now since the ring-necked parakeets started screeching over the garden. Continue reading...

Open air bliss and bees

By Pippa Greenwood in Wildlife
We're having our lunches outside. Bliss! Open air, sun on my back... and no table to wipe down nor carpet to vacuum afterwards. Continue reading...
341 to 350 of 356 blog posts