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Snap up bargains on crocus varieties

With their exquisite flowers, crocuses bring vibrant colour to lawns and borders. Alternatively, plant them in pots, for admiring close up. Delivery is from mid-September 2012 onwards. Simply click below to order.

How to order

You can take advantage of these autumn planting offers in three ways:

Order online – add code BGB12 at checkout

Order by phone – call 0844 922 0606, quoting code BGB12 and the six-digit code by each offer

Order by post – use the order form in the September 2012 issue of Gardeners’ World Magazine

Crocus 'Blue Pearl' Crocus 'Blue Pearl'
An iridescent blue sheen illuminates the outside of these flowers. Tougher than they look, they can withstand the most dismal weather. Flowers February-March. Height 10cm.
25 corms: £4.99 | Code: 22 00 52

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Crocus 'Cream Beauty' Crocus 'Cream Beauty'
This bright little crocus looks great planted densely in pots, for early patio colour. Also try it in groups, beneath deciduous trees. Flowers February-March. Height 10cm.
25 corms: £4.99 | Code: 22 00 46

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Crocus 'Herald' Crocus 'Herald'
The earliest crocus, 'Herald' is happy to brave the hardest winter frosts. Plant into gritty, free-draining soil for the best results. Flowers Feburary-March. Height 10cm.
25 corms: £4.99 | Code: 22 00 09

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Crocus 'Jeanne d'Arc' Crocus 'Jeanne d'Arc'
With gleaming petals that brighten up the garden in early spring, 'Jeane d'Arc' is a superb, fully hardy crocus. The flowers open widest in full sun. Flowers February-March. Height 10cm.
25 corms: £5.99 | Code: 29 02 79

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Crocus 'Vanguard' Crocus 'Vanguard'
This large-flowered crocus, in shades of soft grey-mauve, provides valuable nectar for early bees. Plant in swathes and they'll gradually spread. Flowers February-March. Height 10cm.
25 corms: £5.99 | Code: 22 00 44

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Money-saver Multi-buy savings - save £10 on all five crocus packs
Save £10 when ordering all five crocus packs (one of each variety). To buy 25 bulbs of each crocus - 125 bulbs for £16.95 - simply add them to your basket for the discount to be applied.

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In addition to unbeatable deals on autumn planting, don't miss out on these great money savers:

Five seed packets Just £1 - 5 packets of seed, worth £9
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Forget-me-not 'Royal Blue'
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Leaf salad 'Italian Mix'
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Orange tree in a pot Half price orange tree with all orders over £25
Compact and hardy, orange tree variety 'Valencia' bears fragrant white flowers, which are followed by large, delicous fruits. Grow in a sunny, sheltered location.
One tree in a 5-litre pot: £17.99 (full price £34.99)

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Bulb planter - free for Gardeners' World Magazine subscribers Free for all subscribers - bulb planter, worth £5.99
Subscribers to Gardeners' World Magazine will receive a free bulb planter, worth £5.99, with their order. The device allows you to plant bulbs with ease - just twist it into the ground to the required depth to remove a core of soil, then pop in the bulb.

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Order will be delivered from mid-September 2012 onwards.

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