Autumn pruning with Fiskars

Make the cut

Autumn is the time to prune plants for healthy growth next year. Follow the tried and tested pruning tips from Fiskars, below, and find out which Fiskars tool range is best for you.

High-quality cutting tools from Fiskars

Fiskars products

Fiskars cutting tools help you master the art of autumn pruning, to keep your plants healthy and productive. Which of the Fiskars cutting tool ranges - PowerGear™, Quantum™, SingleStep™, SmartFit™ and Universal Cutters - will you use in your garden?


The Fiskars PowerGear range

Three times more cutting power

Fiskars PowerGear bypass pruner Fiskars PowerGear™ bypass pruner
Fiskars PowerGear™ bypass pruner is ideal for deadheading and pruning bushes. Its unique rotating handle ensures that all fingers are used simultaneously for maximum power and ease of use.

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Fiskars PowerGear anvil pruner Fiskars PowerGear™ anvil pruner
Fiskars PowerGear™ anvil pruner is lightweight and strong, making it ideal for pruning woody branches and thicker stems. Its ingenious handle mechanism boosts cutting power, to make pruning a pleasure.

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Fiskars PowerGear bypass lopper Fiskars PowerGear™ bypass lopper
The Fiskars PowerGear™ bypass lopper is a great choice for pruning thick branches on shrubs, and for correcting lopsided growth. With its patented cutting mechanism, cutting is over three times easier compared to standard mechanisms.

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Fiskars PowerGear hedge shears Fiskars PowerGear™ hedge shears
With Fiskars PowerGear™ hedge shears you can trim back overgrwon hedges quickly, with minimum effort. Its FiberComp™ handles are lightweight and strong, and the PowerGear™ system makes short work of cutting.

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The Quantum range

Form and function in perfect harmony

Fiskars Quantum range Fiskars Quantum™
The award-winning Quantum™ range from Fiskars provides the ultimate in comfort and style. With unique cork padded handles and precision ground blades, Quantum™ tools are a joy to use.

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The SingleStep range

Reliable and versatile basic range

Fiskars SingleStep range Fiskars SingleStep™
The SingleStep™ range from Fiskars marries sleek, minimalist design with robust performance and ease of handling. The sturdy body, stainless steel blades and powerful mechanism makes the SingleStep™ range a winner.

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The SmartFit range

Adjustable - like two products in one

Fiskars SmartFit pruner Fiskars SmartFit™ pruner
Autumn and early winter pruning is an essential activity, but do it carefully in order to avoid dieback at pruning cuts. Cut branches up to 24mm wide using Fiskars SmartFit™ pruner. It's a great multi-purpose tool with an adjustable cutting aperture, comfortable SoftGrip™ handles and ergonomic design.

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Fiskars Universal Cutters

PowerReel™ technology for 12 times more cutting power

Fiskars Universal Cutters Universal cutters
Fiskars universal cutter is a true multi-use tool that lets you access the tree crown and dense bushes, for overhead pruning without a ladder. The adjustable head and lightweight cutting mechanism ensure fast, easy and safe pruning from afar.

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