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Sean Fishpool

This thread is for you to ask questions or make comments about anything that's confusing or over-complicated about how about the site works.

(As opposed to telling the difference between a Caltha palustris and a Caltha palustris var. alba ...)

We want to make as fast and easy as possible for you to use. There's no question or comment too obvious, so do raise them all!

Happy testing


Site seems very well set out and more visually appealing. I like the greater emphasis on the What to do Now section. When I wanted to edit a response to a previous question the "Edit" button didn't seem to work. Just a minor glitch. Best of luck, it's a great web-site, very informative with lots of ideas and practical tips.

Sean Fishpool

Thanks Jane, that's all good to hear. The edit bug is on our list; our developer Aydin will fix it in the next day or two. 

What would make the site even better for you over the year ahead, do you think?

Patricia Kennedy

I particularly like the "What To Do Now" section.

Pots and containers are my favourite but I do not live near a garden centre and public transport is rather sparse in my neck of the woods - some of the ideas you feature are mouth-watering but not easily obtained!!

It is an interesting and informative web-site - good luck!

Daniel Haynes

Hello Patricia. Many thanks for your feedback. It's great to hear that you like the What to do now website, and that you find the website useful. I'm sorry to hear that you find it tricky to obtain some of the plants listed in our pots and containers section. We will be looking at significantly improving the offers and shopping opportunities on the site over the coming months, so please bear with us on that one!



I like the new Forum section as it gives people an opportunity to start a new thread about a particular issue/topic they have rather than use current blog comments facility.  This way, their questions don't disappear into the ether which can happen sometimes.

Daniel Haynes

Thanks, rona&gordon. We love the fact that so many people regularly comment on the blogs, but as you say, the forum means that they can start discussions of their own. We hope to see you on here regularly!

Tom Edwards (CottageGardening)

I have to say I am rather impressed. The homepage is really bright and clear, with the detail in the jobs to do now very good. A very good start to the new site.

Daniel Haynes

Hello thomas.edwards, that's very encouraging, thank you. If there's anything you think that we should add to the site, that we're not already covering, then do let us know.


After a struggle (of course i never give up) I managed to post pictures which is something I have been wanting to do for ages on the old site.  But the new site with its tool bar is great.  And the choice of topics now is immense so you are much more likely to find someone who has experienced whatever problem you are having who is willing to help.  This forum has been needed for a long time..  

Daniel Haynes

Quite so, happymarion, about the need for the forum. It will be particularly useful as a problem-solving tool, as you say. It is very helpful for the web team, also, to find out what we're getting right and what needs work.


I really like the new Gardeners', its really easy to use and I love the what to do now site. On the old site Ive got my scrap book where ive put handy hints about plants and what to do in the greenhouse  etc, will this now disapear on the new site? Really love it though, its bright  and very clear. Well Done!!

Sean Fishpool

Hi Donutsmrs. The scrapbook is still here (we just need to make it easier to find - we'll add a clearer button) If you click on your member name at the top right hand corner of the screen, a dropdown list of your pages appears, and 'my scrapbook' is there. (Here's the link)

We've tested the new scrapbook page with a number of members, but I'd be grateful if you could tell me whether all your cuttings seem to be present and correct.



Hi Sean, I found the scrapbook page and everything I saved is there. Didn't realise it was in a drop down list, but a special button for it would great. 

I can't enter the competitions now because (although I know the answers) I can't see how to mark the one I want to. I never had any problem before. (Though I never won anything either!)  

Plus, when I try to click on "Email me when a response is mad?" nothing happens there either. And I really would like an answer.  

"I meant to type "made" not "mad". Mad is just how I'm feeling!

Emma Crawforth

Hello Jude,

Please accept my apologies for the problem you're experiencing. Please could you email us on If you could let us know which browser you are using, it will help us to investigate how to resolve the problem you are experiencing. In the meantime, if you email your answers and your address, we will happily enter them into the competitions for you. I'll also ask the tech team to look into the issue with the email updates.

Emma team.

Emma, I have the same problem as Jude. There is no box to place the answer in, and neither is there any tickbox.

I was using Chrome, just swapped to IE, and the problem was solved!