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Sean Fishpool

What could do that would make a huge difference to your gardening (or even a small but ever so handy difference)? We can't promise anything, but as we develop the site we'd love to know what your priorities would be.

All ideas welcome - functions, clever widgets, articles, advice....

Happy dreaming...



It's not so much what I would like to see, more what I wouldn't! 

Adverts that flash all the time while you are trying to read a blog.  They are so distracting although I realise that that is the point of them.  Maybe they could be sited at the top of the page, as you do now, so that I can scroll down and not have to look at them?

Daniel Haynes

Point taken about the ads, rona&gordon. We do our best to ensure that the ads we carry on the site are appropriate, and likely to be of interest to our audience. Advertisements do help to fund the site, and we need to feature them, but if you see one that feel isn't appropriate for the site, do let us know. Regarding the positioning of ads, we try and space them out, so they don't in the way of the editorial content.

I know it my be a bit of a bore to established gardners, but a beginners section/blog for us newbies.

Daniel Haynes

Hello, MsAnjiuk, thanks for the suggestion. That wouldn't be a bore at all - it's very important that we help people who are new to gardening. We're working on labelling our existing project pages more clearly for beginners, and also looking at other ways of helping people establish their first garden. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see (e.g. advice on choosing plants), do let us know. A blog aimed at beginners is an interesting idea - we'll add that to our list of ideas to discuss!



An article for oldies like me changing from conventional gardening to the No-Dig method and, like MsAnjuik, going from open plan veg patch to a raised bed potager type.

On a completely different subject I miss the input about alpines that Geoff hamilton used to give us - hardly ever mentioned now, even in container gardening.  An article on Alpine trough gardening, please and, just for me, one on ferns and what else besides foxgloves and early daffodils to put in my fernery.

Daniel Haynes

A feature on the no-dig method is an excellent suggestion, happmarion - definitely one for our list. And, yes, more on raised beds would be a good idea.

LIke you, we are very keen on alpines. You can view all of our alpine-related features, projects, videos and blogs here:

By the way, our clever technical team have greatly improved our site search facility, located at the very top of each page, so hopefully you'll now find it easier to locate exactly what you're looking for on the site.


Wow, Daniel, I've just been through all nine pages on alpines.  Lots of projects done before I got my computer.  This is already streets ahead of the old site in content and ease of finding what you are looking for.

Daniel Haynes

Music to my ears, happymarion! A good search facility makes all the difference, with a site the size of We're also working on other ways to organise and group all of our content, which will make the site even easier to navigate.

Can we have a Blog list section where users could list their own gardening blogs?  Much as I love Gardeners World it is mostly London/South biased (perfectly reasonable) but it means a lot of the tips etc. need tweaking for the North and other parts of the country.  I do a blog for Bury, Lancashire, for example.  Maybe readers would like the great voice of GW but also the addition of a little local voice?  Nothing like a bit of self-promotion; my URL is (yes, irony intended!).  Thanks, Em

Hi,why don't you have a section for NEW GARDENERS,both my friend and I would welcome tips for beginners,we seem to be overlooked!!!!!!! PLEASE GIVE US A CHANCE

 Thanks Barb


How to make a good garden even with inconveniences like traffic noise or huge leylandii hedges planted tto close to the fence on the neighbours side and which they are not going to do anything about even though they overhang (the trees that is, not the neighbours) by about six feet. sorry. rant over. 

Daniel Haynes

Hello Em: we have recently discussed the option of offering users of their own blog space, and we'll be revisiting the idea in future planning meetings. Regarding your point about Southern bias, it's important that we reflect the experience of gardeners all around the UK, and we need to find ways to make the site more 'local and personal'. To that end, we'll be introducing a new 7-day weather forecast for gardeners early next year, which will provide localised information, based on postcode. That will be one step, but not the last. I hope you're enjoying your stay in Naples, Florida, by the way!

Daniel Haynes

Barb2: like yourself, I'm extremely keen that we provide more help to beginner gardeners on the site. We're currently working at better labelling our existing projects, videos and features, many of which are well suited to first-time gardeners. But, over the coming months we'll also look at providing more information on starting a garden from scratch, so please bear with us. In the meantime, you might find our feature on determining your soil type helpful: Find your soil type

Knowing your soil type is essential, as it will determine what type of plants you can grow. You can buy a testing kit from any garden centre. Once you know your soil type, try our new plant search tool, to choose suitable plant. Soil type is just one of the criteria you can search by, others include plant type, feature, hardiness and flower colour: Search for plants

Also, please use this forum if you need any help or advice. Somebody will usually be able to answer any questions you may have.

Daniel Haynes

Lillybell: Ah, yes, the vexed question of overgrown hedges, and territorial disputes between neighbours. Our very own Kate Bradbury blogged on this subject, and there were some very comments left on her post, too.



What about an area for Disabled Gardener   ?

Ie  so   we can each other them about tools  etc  

easy gardening tips 

Daniel Haynes

Information for disabled gardeners is a very good idea, graceland - I've added it to our discussion list for new content.


Did I miss it or am I looking in the wrong places  ? Wildlife gardening section in the forum??? Forgive me if it's there and point me in the right direction


i think Botticelliwoman has a good point.  There are still many people who confuse wildlife friendly gardens with wild gardens.  There could be separate sections for each.  Wild gardens are often not friendly to pollinators and wildlife friendly gardens need not be wild.

I would like to be able to keep gardening notes on the site. Particularly at this time of the year when we am planning for next year. It would be nice to note plants that I have earmarked for future reference. The scrapbook would be the ideal place.