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Hi all, I've been patiently waiting for the Opal plum tree I planted 3 years ago to give me some plums and this year it did set fruit but they seemed to be taking an age to ripen and turn red.  Well, I just noticed some had turned from green to a yellow-green and felt softer so picked and tasted one.  It was ripe!  I'm now pretty sure I was supplied with a gage (probably Reine Claude) instead of plum 'Opal' but am more than happy as they are absolutely gorgeous!


I think that's wonderful Bob ... greengages are the food of the gods ... wonderful crumbles and the best jam in the world .... even better than goosegog jam, and that's saying something ,,, envious!!!

Maybe a blessing in disguise!!!

As far as plums go, greengages are right there at the top in terms of taste. Lucky so and so, you!

They're just so damn underrated because people seem scared to eat green plums. Haha... they're the ones missing out 


Even the OH likes them and she doesn't particulary like plums in general, so it's a winner!

As a further bonus, I just looked at their website and the gage is £10 more so that makes up for the dodgy plants they've sent me in the past (you can probably guess who that supplier is now..)

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