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Hello all,

Is anyone seeing any fruit starting to grow on their apple trees right now? I'm currently seeing zilch, despite a wonderful display of blossom a month or so ago. I'm sure I had apples on all 3 trees coming along by this time last year or am I mistaken? Cherries and blueberries are looking good though.



Some apples forming but my tree is looking fairly ropey and I doubt I'll get a good crop this year.......nothing like last year anyway

Shrinking Violet

Now you come to mention it - a very poor fruit set on my apple tree, too.  And I expected great things, given the absence of frost etc.  I can only assume that the insect pollinators had been adversely affected at the critical time.


Thanks, both. Seems I am not alone. I wonder if the mild but wet winter has not helped matters either. Fingers crossed for a late harvest.


mine are doing great up in the north east. My Redlove Era apple has approx 92 fruits swelling (to be thinned) and my cox orange pippin is also doing great all around 2cm across now


Greenfinger...............we'll all be up your way later on  scrumping out

PS  What was your address again please ?

Shrinking Violet

Sorry to say, Gareth, but if you don't have fruit setting now, there will be no "late harvest". 

Ah, well - that's the way it goes!  Glut one year, famine the next.  We gardeners just have to go with the flow.

Mine seem to be all bearing fruit even the newly cordoned one I bought this year, in north Yorkshire.


The early ones got frosted just after the flowers had been pollinated and all fell off. The later ones are OK and have lots of fruit. Maybe if you have space, hedge your bets with a later variety.


*shakes fist at northerners and their apples*

Never mind. My poppies and roses are looking good this year so i'll have to make do with them.

Cheers, all!

Hey gareth, my roses are full of buds if not flowering and the poppies(which I never planted) are looking lovely,

Mark 499

My Redlove Era apple is loaded with fruit, here in Suffolk.


Nothing on ours (South Yorkshire) but my pear tree is very loaded.


Here in Norfolk Braeburn and falstaff Red planted Christmas time now about 4 to 5 feet tall both had about 10 tiny apples on which i removed ,maybe next year or the year after for picking ,hope iv done right. Alan4711

Steve 309

The espalier at work is looking good with a lot of fruit set - most of which will probably fall off in June.  The two on my 'allotment' are a dead loss.


After doing quite well last year, all of my apples have suffered this year due to pesky bunnies 

Stripped the bark on all of them, almost ringing all 3 cordons and I thought I might lose them. They have come back with plenty of leaf thankfully, but not surprisingly there was no blossom so no fruit.

My Irish Peach standard apple tree had plenty of blossom and for once the bull finches left it alone, so this year it has a few baby apples which is the first time so happy enough with that!

Others on the allotment are looking a bit light on fruit too, just not the year for it I guess. (Shropshire for us btw)

However, soft fruit is looking very, very good  think it'll be a bumper crop of berries and currants, especially the jostaberry!


Steve 309

Incidentally, the espalier (don't know what variety) had a bottom tier last year that had very pale green leaves.  I gave it compost and BFB, and, this spring, watered in some Epsom salts as I think it might be short of magnesium.  Still pale.  Any ideas?

I have a family tree and am seeing lots of fruit set on 2 eating types but very little on the Bramley cooking apple.  No sign of any fruit drop yet.

I also have a family pear and this has lots of fruit set but it has also drpped absolutely loads of fruitlets too.

Got quite a lot apples on my dwarf tree up here in Cumbria. Not too sure what kind of apple it is, got it cheap at the garden centre because it lost it's label And looked in a bit sorry state. It looks to be doing way better than last year. My dwarf cherry and pear have both erupted with fruit too!


Variable setting of apples here.  Cox's Orange Pippin: good set, Red Falstaff: good set.  The next 3 are grafted onto the same rootstock (ie a family tree) and all blossomed well and at the same time, but Worcester Pearmain: no set, Egremont Russet: no set, Golden Delicious: excellent set.  Make of that what you will but I'm afraid nature plays a mysterious game when it comes to the setting of fruit crops!

On other fruit:  Pears (family tree - can't recall types): poor set, Peach (Avalon Pride):Excellent set, Japanese plum (Lizzie) fantastic set - those will soon be ready , Gooseberry & Worcesterberry - excellent set, Blackberry (2 giant fruiting types - names escape me at the moment): excellent set, Blueberries (5 or 6 types): best ever set.  Strawberries (5 or 6 types): Excellent set and there looks to be enough raspberries to blow one at half the population plus enough left to make a few gallons of wine!