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Hi everyone just looking for some advice.

I bought a couple of apple trees for my father for xmas but have since uncovered some problems i think.

Essntially i was aware i need two trees for polination purposes. Problem is i was aware of triploids and diploids etc. 

I have bought a "ribston pippin" , which is apparently a triploid and a "Clydeside" which im not entirely sure what it is. I cant seem to find much about it online and was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on it ? I.e blossom time, self fertile or diploid/triploid ? 

I think i might be in a situation where the clydeside can polinate the ribston but the ribstone cannot polinate the clydeside ? 

Just wonderig if anyone can give me any advice or if anyone knows anything about clydeside ? 

Thank you everyone.

Where does your father live? If there are lots of neighbors with gardens, it’s likely there will be suitable pollinators nearby. Even in a rural area there will also probably be nearby suitable trees. I think I’ve read that bees forage over about five miles.

Thanks Redwing. Where my father lives is sort of semi rural but there are a few other houses nearby, I think pollination might be ok. I just got overly excited with they two varieties haha. The ribston pippin i think is a parent of cox and he likes them and the other clydeside is near his house and we used to fish the river clyde years ago so I got overly excited with they two without stopping to quiz the chap selling me them! 

thank you


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Papi Jo

I am no apple-tree specialist, the only specimen in my little garden being a (hardly edible) Malus 'Evereste'. But I wished to congratulate you on your excellent idea of offering your dad a couple of apple-trees rather than the customary---and, in my mind---totally useless fir-tree.


Ornamental crab apples are a useful 'suit all' pollinator for many varieties of apples so if there's one nearby, or room for one in the front garden that might be a good 'belt and braces' solution. 

Lovely present ... I hope your father gets many years of enjoyment of them. 


Papi Joe and Dovefromabove thanks for the kind words I appreciate it :)

I think I will probably look for a crab apple tree just to be certain because since I cant find much info on the 'Clydeside' variety im not sure about its flowering time and if it suits the ribston so I guess a crabapple tree is a good idea now.

Thanks again everyone


As you say Ribston is a triploid - flowering group 2, so you'd need two apples from groups 1, 2 or 3 to pollinate it. I don't know Clydeside at all - being the wrong end of the country perhaps. Groups 2,3 and 4 are the biggest, generally, so it's likely other apple trees around will provide the pollinators needed for the Ribston if the Clydeside doesn't.

As Dove has said, a crab apple is a good bet for one pollinator, and a lovely garden tree. If you find that pollination of the Clydeside is poor, maybe get a flowering group 4 or 5 tree, as a good bet for most later flowering trees.

They say that even self fertile trees do better with at least one pollinator - your crab apple will answer, hopefully. A lovely present 

Thanks Raisingirl. Yeh id imagine given the weather not being great in the clyde area, it will be a later flowering variety since there would be risky of frost early on around here? 

Thanks, it's one of they presents im really excited about myself haha.

I think I will try and get a crab apple tree just to try and cover all the bases.

Thank you everyone, Merry Christmas.


Another good crab is Red Sentinel, lots of red berries that last into the new year.

Clydeside is a cooking apple which used to be common in the Clyde Valley orchards. Flowers during the first half of May, harvest late Sept early Oct. Looks like it is being planted in a growing number of Scottish heritage orchards. Brogdale may have more info on pollination etc. so try a search there.

Thanks everyone again excellent help :) 

Ill check out they crabapple trees and ill search "brogdale" and see what i come up with....

Just to check. Papi joe, you say your evereste flowers spring. Do crab apple trees flower at different times? And if so do i need to pick one which broadly coincides with the other two trees (if its possible)??

Please and thanks again

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