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A tomato plant grafted on top of a potato plant. £15 a throw. Yes they're having a laugh.

 I'll stick to growing them separately thanks.


Same here FB.



They must be having a laugh - but think how many people will be duped. 


I know someone who has ordered 2 and she gets a third free and it's definitely not me!



There must be some demand or they would not sell it. 9cm pots for £15 is astounding though, even if it has a 20% discount with various codes as you cannot use a discount code and free P&P (£7)


I wonder how many more people are going to be confused about the fruit produced on ordinary potato plants that look like tomatoes. I envision more people being poisoned


I thought that as well Fleurisa 

Saw Peter Seabrook with one in yesterdays sun (nothing else to read in work canteen!) - it looked real! He said he'd have got a bigger crop of taters if he'd used a bigger pot - flowerpot that is!


Might be OK if you only have a balcony and are desperate for space. 

Otherwise its just a gimmick with no relevance to real gardeners.


And I might be missing something here, but you would have to wait until all the toms have ripened before you dig up the potatoes?

 So not first earlies then. Maincrop susceptible to blight?

...and the spuds look suspicously big to have been grown in a pot, presumably off one plant...  


You know that saying - if it sounds too good to be true- it usually is? ....


I thought it was a wind up at first....


Ah the frankly delishious potato seed-flower........ T&M may your nads be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels, and may your arms be too short to scratch



Lol Emma 

We had a go at grafting these a few years back and called them Tomtato''s a shame that Thompson and Morgan have registered the name as a trademark.

In essence it's just a bit of experimentation with a hefty price tag, the yields we had were small and you had to wait a long season for the tomatoes to ripen before you could use the potatoes. 

Reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons where they end up on a farm and after using uranium for fertiliser Homer manages to produce a crop of Tomacco....

So which way round will it be - potatoes that taste of tomato or tomatoes that taste of potato? I can't see Heinz being pleased if it's the former!


There you are.......I hope no one falls for it

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