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Happy Flower

Hi I am wondering if I should cut the ferns of my asparagus plants down or not. They were planted this year in March, I know you're not meant to harvest anything until year three but presumably cutting the ferns down once they turn brown will be ok?

Any advice from fellow asparagus plant growers out there plesae



Cut them down when they have died back

Hi I am wondering if i can put my asperagus in another part of my alotment

star gaze lily

We planted asparagus for the first time this year, our fern is still very green. I also thought we would get  the veg the second year


The ferns will turn brown as the weather gets colder. When they're brown, cut them down to just above ground level. I then add a good feed of pelleted chook poo and a decent layer of compost.

cath - yes, you can transplant your asparagus. I've managed it. Here's a good guide.

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