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12 crowns were planted in one bed and 6 in another. Both beds clear of weeds. 

Bed 1, with 12 crowns, they've all grown.  What now ...when should they be cut back...or should they be left a little longer to grow. ..

Bed 2, with 6 crowns, only one has grown, me thinks the other 5 have died... should I throw in the towel and start again...



The foliage should be cut back when it starts to turn yellow. 

as for the ones that didn't grow - when did you plant them and who did you get them from?  

I planted them in March/April.


the bed with only one growth I would have a little light dg down and see the state of the crowns as you'll be able to tell if they've rotted,

if they have I would scrap that bed for asparagus and during winter extend the larger bed and add the survivor on the end.

Sounds a good plan treehugger, will do that at the weekend.

Once cut back do they need covering over winter or mulching.


No probs, Dove.

Would they benefit from a good mulch of muck in the autumn.

Dug a couple of crowns up today. They weren't quite dead, there were some white, roots about an inch long?

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