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Am very fed up with my autumn raspberries, they look a mess, are not producng very much fruit.

My first thought was to get rid if them, but I think I have a space I can put them in. 

My query is, when is it best to move them, any special treatment for them, how should they be cut back to move them




Hmmm, if they're not producing much fruit is it because they're in the wrong place, not being fed or watered, or is there another reason?  I've got three clumps of Polka planted earlier this year that are still producing delicious fruit.

If they're not producing well where they are is there any point in keeping them?



I planted them last year and last autumn as you said with yours they were lovely. Also Polka


Did you cut them down in the winter and give them a mulch?  


Yep, followed all instructions carefully




Well, that's sad then ......... what about watering?  It was a jolly dry summer and they need plenty of water to fruit - I put the sprinkler on mine when I put the sprinkler on the runner beans. 


I am wondering if they could do with more shade(full sun now) If I move them they should get that


Mine are on a south facing fence, but I suppose they do get shade in the afternoon when the sun moves around to the other side of the house.  Give it a try, cut them right back, but I'd prepare the soil well where they're going, and dig lots of well rotted FYM into it.

I've just been out and picked another small bowlful - enough for us both to have some with our muesli n the morning .... sorry, not trying to rub it in 


I got my auutmn fruiting raspberries from another allotment holder who was having a clearout as he had too many. That was three years ago in October and I just cut them right down, fed them in the spring with fertilizer and have had fantastic crops ever since.  I never water them either. They have increased enough to pass some on to other allotment holders so don't give up Matty give them another year.

No expert

Moved my raspberries on New Years Day. They had started to sprout among other bushes. Made a Raspberry hedge with them both summer and Autumn varieties. Cropped well if not spectaculer this year.Putting up new shoots all the time.

What is the best winter feed for them?

I cut mine down in January and then cover with a good 12 inches of very well rotted woodchips from a huge oak tree that fell about 5 years ago down the road from me. When the tree was cut up the woodchipper created a huge pile which i've used ever since as no one else does! My crop this year was the best ever although fruit came much earlier than usual.
Sorry, meant to add that if you do move them, best to do it in Jan when you cut them down, then cover with mulch in the new position.

Thank you for all advice. If I move them Cornish Boy it will be in January then, I don't really want to completely  rid the garden of them until I have tried again.

I have never grown any fruit up till 2 years ago so is very much a learning curve.


Decision has been made,

There is a patch of ground that I was going to plant shrubs in that is out of the way. I will dig it over and tend the soil and come winter, transplant raspberries there. I will be ble to keep them more tied up, they will still be facing south.

Then I will see how they do

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