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I usually grow gardeners delight tomatoes but are these the best tasting? And I grow Shirley for my normal crop. If you could grow just two varieties, one cherry type and one "normal" , what would you choose?

For cherry types I dont think you can beat Sungold, which I usually grow along with Gardener's Delight!

Since I dont grow any 'normal' cant suggest. I do grow Tumbling Tom though- excellent cropper in large pots/flower buckets on the greenhouse staging. J.


I really like sweet olive.  They have a really tomatoey flavour, if you know what I mean.

Green Magpie

I found Sungold at least as good as Gardeners' Delight, and they seemd to resist the blight quite well too.

chilli lover

I grew Sungold for the first time last year - unbelievably sweet and will grow again this year  (and I always grow Gardeners Delight whatever). I haven't yet settled on a 'normal' one. I'm experimenting too and would welcome suggestions. Got a packect of Legend for 10p - meant to be 'blight resistant' but don't know about that  - it does have RHS Award of Garden Merit.


chilli lover

Sorry - 'Legend' does not answer your precise question


Another vote for Sungold from me.  I find they consistently start cropping earlier, and also finish later, than any other cherry type I have tried (and that's quite a few over the years!)  A similar one is Golden Cherry - in fact, I can't tell the difference and wondered if they were in fact the same variety under a different name.  For a red cherry, try Tommy Toe, an Australian variety which is very similar to Gardener's delight in flavour, but seems to have better disease resistance and is less prone to spliiting.


Sungold for me too for the small ones. For bigger ones I've answered "Dona" in the past when this sort of question came up, but I've since read that it's a French variety which you used to find in England but is no longer readily available. I live in France so it's availble here.

muddy mare

sungold were lovely last year and my main cropper is tigerella


Just sticking with "smalls" this year after last years dismal tomato crop.  This year it is Sungold and Floridity for me

Green Magpie

I was very disappointed with Tigerella when I tried them last year, but I was growing them out of doors and perhaps Tigeralla were disappointed with the weather! I aslo grew a few Legend (Chili Lover above) but they were a complete failure as they simply didn't mature and ripen (sulking again, I should think)When they do well they're enormous bush tomatoes. Sungold has my vote, and I'm also planning to grow Maskotka (bush cherry tomato) again.


For excellent advice/tips on tomato growing and tomato types have a look at:

I learnt a lot from this site last year and regularly receive Nick's newsletter with the latest info.

Thanks swissSue. Just registered to receive nick's newsletter

Glad you like it, Verdun. He does promote/advertise various fertilizers etc. every now and again, but you can just ignore those unless you find that they might be good. But on the whole it's one of the most comprehensive tomato sites I've found and I'm always googling around for new ideas, not just tomatoes. I've really appreciated some of the ideas/tips in this forum as well. As an OAP I've got time to  check in nearly every day, especially with this lousy weather (it's snowing here too).

Green Magpie

Thanks from me, too, for that link on tomato growing. It looks useful and sensible, and I'm sure I'll be consulting it again soon.


I've learned something already from the newsletter that should help me this year.

I grow Camp Joy (aka Chadwick's Cherry) every season. An heirloom that produces masses of delicious cherry toms over a very long period.


Thank you for the link for the tomato newsletter

Did anyone try Maskotka last year and if so how do you rate them, I've some seeds but didn't sow them. .