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They're not all fro Ribena! From the two bushes I planted last year into my fruit cage I have, this weekend, harvested 4kg of fruit! And there's still some left finishing ripening! I'me very please as this is the first propper year they have grown, last year when they were planted I get 12 Blackcurrants from one bush and none from the other, this year, jackpot!! Will be making sugar this week, have had to order a Maslin pan in a hurry as I have nothing big enough to put them all in!

Hope this doesn't sound like boasting, I'm just really pleased that its working! MY autumn Raspberries are also doing well, the're trying to escape out the top of the cage.


You're entitled to boast saltski. That's a lot of jam.


Better start saving jam jars. When they really get going you can expect 3-4 kg per bush, every year.

Great stuff saltski....blackcurrant tart and cream too

Just finished picking mine too.....and mid way through my blueberries.   Ain't life grand?   And it's all healthy stuff chemicals to preserve them


Very true Verdun, no chemicals on mine for growing either, just some good honest muck!



We've already picked form 4 of our bushes and I've made spiced blackcuurant jelly which is yummy on toast or with cheese or meat.  

I'll freeze the fruit from the last two to make puds - assuming there's still enough fruit left on them after Saturday night's storm which brought down two trees in the paddock over the road and did its best to blow down all our trellis panels.

No blueberries this year.  The blossom got frosted but the shrubs are looking exceptionally healthy with lots of new growth after the long wet spring so I have high hopes for next year - as long as I can get a decent winter windbreak constructed.

Well done saltski, always good to hear about a good harvest makes growing your own so worth while.

Well done. Ive also had a good year with the currants, and as for the gooseberries will be making wine at the weekend. No-one can eat that many. Loads of raspberries aswell


Not such a big harvest this year, just 7lbs, but I didn't get to mulch the soil with fertiliser this year, hopefully next year will be even better. The bushes will need a good prune com february time too.

Mine wasn't as good as previous years. I find pruning red/white currants and gooseberries after harvesting easier as you know were the new growth is. 

Hope you got your Maslin pan. The Aldi near to me were selling then at less than £20 last week.

Just pruned back to half it's size a large blackcurrant bush behind our greenhouse. Enough fruit to make 3 jars - not much but still a good year for all soft fruits. The red currant bush next to it has masses of fruit on it. Had a large plastic planter bucket full of old compost in the greenhouse so I stuck all the foot long prunings around the sides, gave it a good drenching, and stuck it outside. All of them are shooting! Wow. What a year for fruit. Well done saltski.

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