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Why are my tomatoes getting blossom  end rot. I grow in grow bags.  Mary

It's usually inconsistent or insufficient watering but can also be caused by nutrient deficiency.

Thank you I keep watering grow bags two or three time a day. Doesn't seem to be enough.

It might be nutrient deficiency, do you feed them fairly regularly? 

This page may prove useful...


Overwatering can cause BER as much as underwatering can.  The knack is to be consistent ... I find that by that letting the top inch of the compost dry out and then giving the plants a really good soak (usually just once or twice a week, depending on the weather) gives good results.  

We've fed three times with tomato fertiliser and once with seaweed fertiliser ... starting when the first truss set and then at approximately 10 day intervals.

We've only had one single fruit with BER out of twenty heavily cropping tomato plants, and that's been my experience ever since we adopted this method.

I also find large bucket-sized pots give much better results than growbags. 

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Thank you. I think I will try pots next year.


I think you'll find it easier  - let us know how you get on 

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