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i am growing a squash in the greenhouse some fruit have set and some just go brown and drop off



 i have given it feed and watered well, it is planted in a large tub in a mixture of good manure and home made compost


Until an expert replies to this and puts us all right, I'll say that I have grown a few squash outside and in containers but wouldn't say successfully because I tend to let them ramble and neglect them for days on end....lucky to find I've grown a few small ones as the plants die back. It seems they are very demanding plants ... need a lot of everything: water, feed, warmth and attention to removing excess fruits, to get a decent crop. Pity but I lack the dedication for them, when there are so many other things to do. You seem to be doing all right but they tend to outgrow a greenhouse environment. Best of luck.

How big are the ones that drop off? Have you been hand pollinating? It often helps
Ive never grown them in pots, but ot sounds like you are doing everything right
Some fruit always drop off, it seems like you will never get any fruit, dont worry, you will

thanks for the replies i will just carry on ans see what happens

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