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Poppy Red

We grow our carrots and radishes in the same bed.  This year we have had to destroy our radishes as they all had (what I think is) carrot fly.  We are now concerned that our carrots will also have this problem.   Last year we only grew carrots and they were excellent but the year before they got the carrot fly badly.  Does anyone know what causes this and if so why one year good then next year full of fly?

As far as I know carrot fly does not attack radishes. I think cabbage root fly though will do this. Are your carrots ready yet? Can you see if they are ok? Growing rads and carrots under fleece is the answer. Or, growing near runner beans. On one side and a low hedge on the I do.... Usually! This year I got complacent with one batch of carrots nd decided not to fleece and, hey presto!, I have some carrot fly. I use fleece to cover all veg seeds til they are 2 or 3 inches high, eg beet root, spring onions, lettuce, peas and carrots
Poppy Red

Hi Christopher.  If its cabbage root fly I don't know how it infested the radishes as they are over the opposite side of the garden to the cabbage plot (about 20ft away).   Our carrots are still very small as we put them in late this year so without taking them up it is too difficult to tell whether they are infested again - so I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed!  We always surround the carrot plot with 2ft high plastic as we read somewhere that this would stop carrot fly - obviously not.  We have never used fleece so I think you are right that this is the problem - have learned a lesson this year and fleece it is from now on!

I know it sounds odd that cabbage root fly is attacking radishes.. Maybe others have an opinion but cabbages don't need to be close to radishes to attract this fly. It sounds a bit of a rigmarole erecting your barrier poppy red...fleece is so simple.but good luck for next year then
Poppy Red

Yes, you're right Christopher it is a rigmarole and the it doesn't work! - fleece it is next year!  Thanks for your help and fingers crossed for a good crop next year.


Couldn't agree more with christopher2, fleece works brilliantly. It can be left on for some time, as the carrots happily grow under the fleece, pushing it up. July sowings seldom attract the fly, so that way we extend the season.

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