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Hi all,

I pulled the fleece back on the bed containing my carrots and parsnips this morning to find what look like bite marks in the top part of virtually of my carrots roots. I've attached a picture of some of the affected carrots. Having searched around on the web, it appears that this could be the result of vowels - I think I've ruled out slugs, root fly and doves (the fleece blew off last night, so it's possible they snook in first thing this morning before I got to my allotment). I'd really appreciate people's opinions on whether my rash detective work is valid or not. I've pulled all the carrots up and am gearing myself up for a few batches of soup, so I've not come awayt empty handed. However, I'm now concerned about my parsnips, beetroot, turnips, celeriac, celery and winter squashes, and whether any of these could fall foul of the same voracious feeder. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards

Apologies,  I'll try again to upload the image.. 


I think that's slug damage aided and abetted by voles, or voles aided and abetted by slugs 

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Thanks,  DFA! God help us if they are working in teams :-( we are doomed!! 

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