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I've had this cauliflower growing in the bed since August last year! 

 It hasn't produced a head at all. Do you think it will now or won't it? Also why hasn't it????

any clues ?

I'm no expert in cauliflowers and I'm just going to give your post a little bump up the line, but are you sure that it's a cauliflower?

Haha yeah it definitely is a cauliflower plant I bought a pack of them last August and this is the only survivor after the bloomin wood pigeons! Plus I grew some summer cauliflowers and they're identical but smaller, they also produced!

im in too minds whether to leave and prey and dig it out and compost it.

I'm no expert - but I know some cauliflower seedlings are 'blind' and don't produce curds ( a head ). You can always eat the leaves like cabbage!



Pigeons or slugs etc eating the growing point will make them 'blind' too.  I think cauli's are the hardest of the brassicas to grow well - they need regular watering or will bolt, good feeding or crop will be poor and weather variations can affect them adversely, too. I rarely bother with these fussy plants these days and grow several types of broccoli instead - much easier and most of those also produce decent side shoots after the main head is cut - a brassica that keeps on giving!



all mine did this i endedbup pulling them as all i was getting was catapillars 

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