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Hi all,i've been growing cucumbers for a few years now and never had any problems but the fruit keep dying when they are very small,they are all female plants,always grow the same variety , any ideas what it could be


I think it's this cold snap as i've had the same problem. Only put 5 plants out a week ago and 2 seemed to have snuffed it and I don't hold out much hope for the other two 

I have my 4 plants in the growhouse and they look ok.. its been very cold this last week so not like summer..  Could your cues in the past years cultivar have 'Blossom end rot'?? Just an idea...

Thanks for the replies

Mine are in the conservatory,it could be the temperature, the fruits are just forming so I don't think it's blossom end rot,i'll just hope they pick up


Do you have insects in your conservatory?  I know that with cucumbers the fruit can appear to form, but then not develop properly, if there has been poor, or no, pollination.

Maybe get the paintbrush out and give it a go by hand ?

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If you have several flowers open pick one, bare the stamens and use it as a brush to pollinate, better than a brush.. Conservatories get very hot.. enough to make the flowers drop off...

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Thanks,but they are all female plants and they don't need pollinating

I can not fathom out how the all female cucumber can produce fruit without pollinating.

They are supposed not to produce any seed.

Perhaps some one out there can explain, in simple terms, how the seed is produced for sale in seed packets.

Thanks for your  information.

I have been growing an all female , three plants, lots of flowers but thought I would still try to brush the pollen with my finger onto each flower .

Now thinking that this is a waste of time and perhaps the flowers do not have any pollen.

The fruit has been very slow to develop and a lot have not .

Perhaps I am expecting too much this early in the season, they are growing in two greenhouses , very high temp during the day, but even with every vent three in each and doors open perhaps too high for them.

Keeping the compost fairly damp with a tray of water beneath the leaves to increase humidity.

Any thoughts please on why so few are developing.

Removing side growths as  info from seed firms that laterals should be removed on female types as not needed.


Its been cold. Thats the problem. All female  F1plants do not need pollinating.

I have had some fully grown cucumbers from my 3 Jogger plants - but in the past week or so the growth has slowed right down due to lack of sunshine - in fact I have had to halve the amount of watering too, some of the smaller cucumbers (less than an inch long) are turning yellow and will have to be removed.

Thanks for all your replies.

I think the cold nights, down to 9c last night 22-June in oxon countryside and only 10c in the greenhouse.

During the day most up to 30c in GH.

If I do get a decent crop will see if this is because of higher night temps.

Will monitor each night for the next few weeks.

Thanks again to all.

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 We are having beautifully warm, sunny weather again and so I have had to cover the cucumber plants with the fleece again today - which I removed when we had virtually no sunshine in the past few days. 

My Femspot cues are produing fruits but they are only 5 inches and very curved..The planys look healthy, but the leaves have a paler yellow edge, no damage I just hope its not the begining of a problem. I am using a tomato feed as tomatoes are in the same area of my little greenhouse...    It has been quite warm in there have to leave the door open all day, or they wilt..

I cannot wait to taste a home grown cue...


This year the conservatory hasn't got very hot and I think that is the problem

Semi-pleased with my cucumbers - this year being my first. I am growing Jogger, but the taste is bitter - far too strong for me but other people who I give them to like the taste - some saying that they soak the cucumber slices in vinegar before eating. I won't grow this variety again but so far I have had approx 6 cucumbers off three plants with 6 - 8 beginning to swell up ready to pick next week however this all depends on warmth and sunshine and both are in short supply this year.

I hote that one poster said they are not growing Cues again as they sprawl and take up too much space..    I have a solution which is working fine. I used 2 large circular planters each with 2 plants in and each with one of those bamboo hoopsin. Then I dropped down a double string from the roof frame of my little green house and tied it to the hoops so now I had 2 good pots of cues climbing up and using the strings. Easier to care for and monitor and pick the fruits of my labours.

My only problem now is one planter is going crazy lots of cues forming but the other one has 2 healthy looking plants but not flowers have formed at all on those and as they are 3ft tall not likely to now?? as to why. I also noticed last night in the prolific planter a few leave suddenly have holes appear in the leaves not on the edges like catapillars but 1/4 inch circular holes, anyone else got this? No sign of what is doing it either.

Sorry BLT I can't help you with the holes in your leaves, although I too would want to know what was causing the problem - however your cucumber planters sound neat - well devised and under control. My 3 large pots with a plant in each are also fairly neat and take up little room in the cold GH. Hope you get a decent crop this season.

Hey Guernsey I think I found out what is doing the damage Woodlice.. they do it overnight which is why there is no sign by the morning.. I do not like to use chemicals but I did a quick spray with sone Systemic insecticide... We all want a few cues don't we, I'm not greedy I just get peeved when in pest take it all..