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Some of my saved potatoes are sprouting.I keep them in a cloth sack and covered.I will now place them in a light free spot

My question is can I save some of the sprouters as an experiment to see if they will be able to be planted next year.


Try putting them somewhere cool but light and perched in cardboard egg boxes.   The shoots will want to grow now but will get too thin and leggy if kept dark.   It's now a question of whether they'll last till planting weather is here.

Keep all the rest completely dark and also cool or you'll lose the lot to the urge to sprout.

It's always possible to "sprout" potatoes from a previous crop - just leaving a tiny one in the ground from the previous crop will often result in a new plant which will give you some pots - often before your planted ones produce.

Just worth considering that the longer you do that for, the weaker and probably more disease susceptible your crop may be.

Always worth a go and if your saved ones show sprouts, you should get something from them

You can grow from saved tubers but it is not a good idea as said above. Certified seed is grown under strict control to keep them disease free. They also seem to benefit from "a change of soil" more than any other crop I know. I even tried a swap with a friend from another allotment site. The results were a disappointing low yield.


Thanks all

I will save 5 and see what happens

Merry Crimbo and  Baahhhh Bumhug



I'm not particularly squeamish, but potatoes with long sprouts give me the creeps. I can't even bear to touch them.

Because I can't get the variety I want here and importing potatoes from the UK is illegal I replant some every year, they do fine, but I think it is a bit early to chit them now, I would eat any that have sprouted and keep back some of the better storage ones for growing. If you always plant the earliest sprouters you are selecting for early sprouting!

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