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hello all

i'd like know what measures i need of sulphate of ammonia/super phosphate/sulphate of potash/bonemeal,  i have 4 beds 2.4 x 4 meters square, in rotation are potatoes/roots/brassicas/legumes 

each group likes different amounts, if (unlike me your clever at this sort of thing) you can tell me how much for that area and each group.

ever hopeful



Sorry a bit confused-are you asking about feeding now-it is a bit early-what is it you want to feed exactly??

you have put some of these on now i think and some in spring??


Not really-any feed apply now will wash through into the soil with the winter rains and be ineffective.

Winter time is the time to dig in organic matter -manure compost and the like-you apply feed at planting time and throughout the growing season.


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