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I'm getting a bit confused about different types of fertilisers. I have liquid Growmore which is what I have always used before (I have garden compost, 6X and horse manure as well). Should I really be a little more serious and invest in tomato fertiliser etc ?? I am growing tomatoes, chillies, peppers, courgettes, onions, dwarf beans, lettuce, carrots, parsnips, spinach, physalis, strawberries ...... this year ??? What should I use on what ?? What is really essential ??

Tee Gee

To ease your confusion this link might help;

Liquid growmore from memory is a balanced fertiliser 7:7:7, whereas 6X is a high nitrogen fertiliser (6:4:3) and horse manure is a soil improver.

OK it will contain some nutrients but these are immeasureable so I tend to ignore this.

Based on your growing list; Yes I think you should invest in Tomato fertiliser you will need it when your tomatoes, chillies, peppers and Strawberries come into flower and set fruit. The others should not need anything if you have prepared your soil well before planting out.

I hope that helps....Tg

Thank you so much for that - I have bookmarked the link and will now be able to refer to it when needed


Is top soil enough to grow plants in, or do you need compost as well?

Alina W

Although it contains some food, compost's main contribution to the garden is to improve the texture of the soil. If topsoil has been improved with compost, plants find it easier to put down roots and take nutrients and water from the soil and so grow better. They will, however,  grow without it, as all the wild plants that you see prove.



Thanks for that Alina W!


Yea, thanks David K. I'm OK with NPK and what they mean and what they're used for, I just wasn't too sure about the merits of compost against top soil, as I have a very small garden with no room for a compost bin, so I have to buy either top soil or compost. I have been told I'm better off buying top soil and adding liquid growmore, rather than buying compost as it only lasts for one year! I just needed confirmation!

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