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cody smith

i planted a potato on the 16th feb 2012 in a pot noodle pot with some seed compost and put in a dark place for a month or so and it grew a cupple of stems and a good root sistem and planted in a contaner in mid march and it don brilliant i got a bumper crop over 25 big potatoes in late may amzing



Well done Cody-you could teach some of us old dogs new tricks

Bunny ...
Brilliant results , good luck for this years plantings
Brilliant result there, well done.

Fantastic - congratulations   Are you going to grow more potatoes this year?


Caz W

Cody that's really great and now you know what to do you can grow loads more   - that's a lot of chips!   Will you be trying any other vegetables this year?  Let us know how you are getting on.


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