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Andrew Kenneth


Dug up my rhubarb in Dec, split it and replanted end of Jan.

I covered the 5 different lumps with 12" tall flower pots until now.

I would like to know when I can safely remove the pots so the rhubarb is in daylight once again.

All the clumps have resprouted and some are with stems of 7"long.



Totally confused

Why do you want to remove the pots??

Have you picked any stalks at all??

Andrew Kenneth

I thought that the pots were just to get the rhubarb started again and once it sprouted they should be removed?

No I haven't picked any yet.

So you are saying that you just leave it in the dark permenantly and pick when ready?

I think you need to research forcing rhubarb

It would have grown anyway-the forcing procedure is to get it to produce early pink sticks-which is what you are getting

You should not have covered them all -then you would have a succession of pickings

Take off some now leave the rest-pick and enjoy


Yup, forcing rhubarb is to get an early crop, but it does exhaust the plants for the next season.

I've forced 3 roots this year in a dalek bin which I usually use to store old potting compost and have had a couple of pickings off those.

The 3 plants in my garden are coming on nicely ( only planted last year, so I didn't pick any, to let them get established).

As LG suggests, maybe take the pots off 2 or 3, leave them to grow on, and crop from the succulent stems from the other ones, and sparsely, if at all, from the uncovered ones to allow them to get well and truly established.



Andrew Kenneth

Thanking you,

Will do tomorrow



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