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I've red, white and black currant bushes  along with a gooseberry bush, planted a couple of years ago, in the garden. The problem is, now they've had a couple of years to establish I've realised they are planted in an area which is too small to grow them all as bushes.

Could the red and white currant bushes be re-trained to grow as cordons even though I've allowed them to bush. has anyone tried doing this and was it successful. I read black currant and gooseberry can't be grown as cordons.


Gooseberries and blackcurrants can also be grown as cordons.  

I think I'd take cuttings from your plants and then you can start them off as cordons.  That way you could get at least another year's fruit out of the bushes you already have before replacing them with the new ones.

There's some info here about growing gooseberries as cordons

and this site  has some very good illustrations and descriptions of establishing cordons, even if the English is a little less than perfect.

Thanks for the links.

I think you may have posted the first link on a previous thread, seeing the size of the gooseberry bushes in the background is what got me thinking, the space my plants were in, is to small. Excellent advise on pruning though, know now why the white currant didn't fruit this year. The gooseberry didn't fruit either it was attacked by flys early on in the season so I had to cut off the fruiting branches.   

To cut to the chase - The area's to small me thinks to leave them there for another season so close together. Taking cuttings sounds a good option though, how would I do this? ..and would the cuttings be ok in a pot over winter?

I was thinking of moving the gooseberry to give the currant plants more room, space these out better and grow a cordon - bush -cordon if you see what I mean.




I've grown gooseberry bushes as cordons and double cordons , even triple cordons. As dove has said, I took cuttings, take them now, and plant out when well rooted. I had enormous fruit and grew a number of varieties. Not sure about black currants though. With black currants I grew them pruning half the bushes to ground level alternate years. This way I had half my bushes fruiting very very well one year and the other half to fruit the following year. I found cordon fruit did not develop mildew either.
Ps. Gooseberry cuttings straight into the ground. Nice and long,6 or 9 inches .they are tough


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